Stuff Portrait Friday – Like Yesterday’s Paper

Time for another Stuff Portrait Friday from Random and Odd. I think I went above and beyond with this one – I have two photos for each item!

My garbage can: This was a pretty boring garbage week for our kitchen trash can.

Our outside trash can is having a little bit more interesting week. GG and his dad got a sledgehammer and finally disassembled the creepy old playhouse in our backyard. So now we have all this wood we need to get rid of. Here’s our trash can, out on the curb, full of some of the smaller pieces of wood. (The rest of it, a lot of longer boards with nails sticking out of them, is sitting in a pile in front of our house with a big “FREE” sign. Does anyone need any lumber?)

My junk drawer: I have many, many junk drawers. Do I have to pick just one? I’ll pick two.

This is sort of the “household” junk drawer. It’s in the kitchen, and it’s where we keep pens and pencils, chip clips, etc. Then when I ask GG to clean his stuff off the kitchen table every week or so, he usually ends up sticking a lot of his stuff in here, like the photo envelope you see here, or sometimes his checkbook.

This one is my junk drawer. Now that I’m really examining the contents of this drawer, it seems to be all “girl stuff.” I started out keeping make-up in here, but it’s turned out to the a home for a lot of my things. (This is one of my dresser drawers, by the way.)

My trunk: I don’t really live out of my car like some people do, so I don’t accumulate a lot of stuff in there. Here you can see the empty Avon box I used to take a kitten we found in my grandmother’s yard to the rescue people. I kept it in the car because I sometimes put shopping bags and things in there so they don’t slide all over the trunk. I also have a car emergency kit (that’s the black bag) with jumper cables, flares, etc. And some cleaning wipes, in that tub. The blue box is tissues, and I also have some plastic bags – I always have a few on hand, in case someone has muddy shoes or something.

From this view, you can also see an egg carton in the back of the trunk. That’s been in there probably since my last semester of college. It has something to do with my fraternity. That’s all I can say about that.

Did you play?

Visit My etsy Shop!

D, thank you for the e-mail – it made me smile. (Well, the end of it did.) I will let you know if I’m ever heading to Ohio :o)

So, crafty update: I’ve been trying to make one thing every day, which is actually pretty easy, except everything I make has one tiny thing wrong with it – like the other day I made a beautiful little bag with a really cool exterior, it’s a dark red upholstery fabric with this pink scribble dot kind of pattern, and the interior is pink satin – but one spot on the edge has a kind of blip in the fabric. Other than that, the bag is perfect. But I would feel kind of bad selling that to someone, especially considering the professionalism of a lot of other stuff on etsy. So it’s just sitting on my desk. Luckily, I have a four-day weekend after today, and lots of good ideas, so hopefully I’ll have some stuff to show for it. That’s acceptable to sell. Haha.

Crafty advertising update: I’m going to post all my etsy store updates in my previously-unused MySpace blog, so hopefully I’ll catch some people that way. I’ve been reading the etsy message boards, but I’m almost as shy on message boards as I am in real life – I feel like I’m intruding on another group’s conversations. I’m more of a lurker. I’ll try to join in more. But it seems like the key to a successful etsy shop is advertising outside etsy, so I’m going to try to do as much of that as possible.

Visit my etsy shop!

What else do I plan to do during my time off work? I’m moving out of my grandmother’s house! Yeah, when we moved in June, I really just took what I needed, and left most of my “stuff” back at Gramom’s. And she’s been bugging me ever since to get it out of there. Um, I have a lot of stuff. So I’ll probably spend a day (or two?!) over there getting everything together. Then of course I have to figure out where to keep it all when I get it to my house. Ugh.

I’m a Sewing Machine!

Work today was crazy. I was so busy all day, yet I feel like I have hardly anything to show for it! Ugh, I hate that. Tomorrow, I will just buckle down and put on headphones so nobody bothers me, and get stuff done. I come in at 7:00 each morning (not because I have to, just because I like leaving before 4:00), and I’m most productive before 9 or 10:00, before everyone else comes in.

Believe it or not, though, there are several people in my department who come in before I do.

I stopped at the fabric store on my way home and picked up some cool new fabrics… I can’t wait to make more things! (Even though nobody’s buying… but that’s okay… I have fun just making stuff.) Last night when I was sewing, Katrina tried to help me by sitting on my feet while I was using the sewing machine pedal. She is so funny!

Yesterday GG and I went to Ikea… Oh how I’ve missed that store. When we first moved in together, it seemed like we were going there every couple of weeks. Now we pretty much have everything we need. Sigh. Anyway, we went so I could get a sewing table. I meant to do this, oh, about six months ago, but I’m lazy. I actually went to a sewing machine store one day to check out their tables, and they were crazy expensive! But the woman there told me that a lot of their customers just got tables from Ikea, where they have table tops and legs that you can match up yourself. So I got a table that’s just the right size and matches my desk and other furniture. I was so excited, I sewed up a couple things last night.

Today at work I had a bunch of boring, tedious stuff to do, so of course I grabbed my MP3 player to entertain myself while I worked. I turned it on and… it froze! I’d read about this happening with some of the Creative products. None of the buttons were working, not even the on/off switch, so I couldn’t even turn it off. I knew I had to take the battery out, but the back cover is so smooth, I couldn’t get it off, so the player just sat there on all afternoon. Eventually I did get the battery cover off, and when I got home I looked up what to do if it freezes, did the first and least-involved option, and it seems to be working okay now. But if this continues… I will be very ticked.

Margarita Monday tonight!

New Stuff

A bunch of new stuff to tell you about. First, I added photos to the Characters page. Second, remember a couple days ago when I mentioned my new craft idea? They’re now for sale on my etsy shop. What was the secret project? Covers for MP3 players! (See the green polka dot one? I liked it so much, I made an identical one for myself!)


I just wanted to breathe a big internet sigh of relief..! After months of planning, work, reviews, more reviews, and reviews of the reviews, our new department website is finally live! All the new content is in its new directory on the server, the old directory redirects to the new site, I sent a communication to the entire organization we support, and I’m currently trying to find any other intranet pages that link to our site, to have them update their links. This has been quite a busy day. I’m glad I had yesterday off, even if there wasn’t an ice storm.

By the way, thanks to everyone who’s stopped by as a result of SPF. You certainly do know how to make a girl feel welcome :o)

Stuff Portrait Friday

For the first time ever, I’m participating in Stuff Portrait Friday, run by Random and Odd. The way it works is, she posts three items to take pictures of, and on Friday everyone puts the pictures on their blogs and visits each other and they’re all happy internet friends. The end. So here’s this week’s items.

My favorite pair of jeans: I have three pairs of jeans that are supposedly all the same size and style, yet they all look and fit completely differently. This pair is my favorite – I think they’re the most comfortable and flattering.

Freckles and birthmarks: I have a lot of freckles and moles everywhere, but especially on my neck. My great-grandfather, grandmother, and mother all had/have moley necks too, so obvisouly it runs in the family. It seems like every time I look I have another freckle somewhere!

My photo album: I used to keep photo albums, in high school – I had a different one for every event. But now that I have a digital camera, I keep everything on the computer and/or internet. That’s Windows Explorer showing my “Photos” folder on the left, and part of my flickr page on the right. (I would have many, many more pictures, but my computer from college died a few years ago and all the files on it are irretrievable. That’ll teach me to back everything up.)

No Pimpmobile Parking

I looked out the window and saw this:

It was blocking our cars in the driveway. (See where the white lines are? That’s our driveway.) Luckily, it’s gone now, otherwise I would have had to make an announcement.

“Would the owner of the black and white pimpmobile please move from the no parking zone?”

The Ice Storm of ’06?!

Yesterday’s class was actually pretty good. I now don’t hate TeamSite so much. In fact, I’m rather impressed with what it can do. Instead, I’m annoyed with the web developers who set up the new sites I’ve been working with within TeamSite – they seem to not have taken into consideration exactly what the sites were for or how they will be used. If I could get my way, I would have them re-do everything… of course, it’s taken several months to get to this point, so maybe things should just be left as they are.

The class and instructor were actually really good, though. To spice things up, he brought in little prizes for answering questions correctly – some gift cards to a coffee shop, and, as the last prize of the day, a box of Lindt truffles. I won one of the gift cards. Towards the end of the day, everyone was getting really competitive about who was going to win the truffles. I didn’t even want to win them, especially since I’d already won something, but nobody was answering that last question, so I finally chimed in, and got the truffles. I shared them with everyone, though – there was no way I could have taken that box home, knowing everyone had been eying them all day. Luckily there were more than enough for everyone.

I’m home from work today because we were supposed to have a snow/ice/sleet storm, although it’s just looking pretty rainy. We’re still under a winter storm advisory until 7:00 tonight, though, so who knows. GG also stayed home from work, citing the icy conditions. A little bit ago, he was like, “I called out for rain?!” But the weather report said to avoid driving if you could! We’re just following directions! There’s supposed to be a half-inch of ice on the ground!

Though I’m not officially “working from home” (I took a personal day), I still have been doing some work because there was something I promised to have done today, and it does really need to get done. But this way if I’m not working all day I won’t feel guilty. Katrina has been helping me as I sit here on the bed with my laptop. And by “helping,” I mean “walking all over.” I don’t know what it is about the computer, but whenever I’m working at home, she is such a snuggler!

Feeling Crafty

No comments yet from anyone! I’m going to cry!

Tonight I have an Officers’ meeting for band, but what I really want to do is sew! I’ve been on a little etsy kick recently, and I just thought up a great new product that I would like for myself, and I think would also do well on etsy.

Visit my etsy shop!

Currently featuring warm fleece scarves, and baby blankets with arms!

I’m not going to say yet what the product is… There’s already a bunch of them listed, but the market isn’t so overrun like it is with scarves. (But D, your scarves are awesome! Mine are more utilitarian, which I guess is not popular with the etsy shoppers.) I just need to get a few cool buttons…

Tomorrow I will be out of the office at TeamSite training all day. Can you sense my excitement? But… the class starts at 9:00. I usually come in at 7:00. Guess who’s sleeping in?!