Just some guys…

I don’t know why, but I’ve developed these weird random obsessions over some guys recently. Like, since Friday night.

Reece Shearsmith:

Reece Shearsmith as Ross (of Royston Vasey):

A younger (and, um, alive) Bill Hicks:

Of course my super cute snuggle wuggle bunny boy :o)

And, for some unexplained reason, Stephen Asprinio from “Top Chef.” No idea why – he’s totally full of himself, plus I don’t usually go for blondes.

GG got our reservations for Friday! We’re staying in the “Ocean Room” of a bed & breakfast in New Hope. We’ll both be off Friday, and check-in isn’t until 2 or 3 PM, so I figure we can sleep in and take our time getting there. We’ll come home on Saturday (just in time to catch Scary Movie 4). And Sunday of course is Easter dinner at GG’s parents’ house. This weekend is going to be so nice!

Why am I so sleepy?

Last night GG’s band didn’t have a show, so he and I went to see this guy he went to college with. He lives with his girlfriend, who was actually the same major as GG so he knew her, as well. I’d never met them before. They live in Northeast Philly, which I realized I’d never been to before. It is such a strange place when you’re used to the suburbs or even like South Philly or Center City. The Northeast is is just like a kajillion rowhomes, as far as the eye can see. So we brought a bunch of random DVDs to show them. We ended up watching a bunch of Wonder Showzen, then the first few episodes of League of Gentlemen. Another guy GG went to college with came over around 11:00, and we watched a Bill Hicks DVD he brought over. (Sidenote about Bill Hicks: I first heard him on CD and thought he sounded like a surly old man. Then I saw him on DVD and realized he was young and good looking! Of course, this was in the 80s-90s, and he’s dead now. Also, he had a pet raccoon named Pinecone! Pinecone!) The one guy’s girlfriend had to go up to bed. I’d heard beforehand that she, like me, couldn’t stay up late. It’s true, I just can’t stay up for anything anymore. I used to be the last person up at sleepover parties and stuff, always just staying up late. Now I need lots of naps. Anyway, a few minutes into Bill Hicks, I had to take a little nap on GG’s arm. He’d had me chugging Pepsi, but I just couldn’t stay awake anymore. I woke in time to see the end of Bill Hicks’ set, and then sat around while GG and the other guys played with guitars and stuff. By the time we left, it was 2:00 and I was about to die.

This morning I got to sleep in a little, and then GG and I went out to do some errands. We got home and sat down to watch a DVD, and both of us fell asleep before it was over. Then GG put on The Last Starfighter, which I totally slept through. Also, I did laundry. After he left for his show tonight, I, um, fell asleep again. For a few hours. I finally woke up, with the cats snuggled up on either side of me, and realized that if I didn’t at least get up and put on my pajamas, I never would. After I finish writing this, I’m getting right back on the bed and hopefully the kitties will follow.

It’s been a long week

I’m not doing Stuff Portrait Friday this week. I was so tired out yesterday, after three loooong days of class. And then GG wanted to go out to dinner and go to Teavana and stop by Sam Goody (they’re going out of business and everything is cheap). Then when we got home he wanted to watch Bowling for Columbine, which I hadn’t seen yet. I fell asleep around the point when they started talking about the L.A. riots, so I’ll have to catch the end later.

GG is off work next Friday for Good Friday or whatever, so I took a vacation day too, and hopefully we’ll be able to go away somewhere nice together! (A bed and breakfast in New Hope, perhaps?)

Project Management

Where have I been? I’m in a Project Management class this week, so no computer at work. And I’ve been so busy these past few nights (band practice tonight, sewing last night, etc.). Don’t worry, tomorrow is the last day of class. Luckily, Heather and Jess are in it too or I might die. Not that it’s hard or anything, but I would be bored and lonely.

Housewarming Party a Success!

After all the stress, and all the work, our party today went great! We were expecting about 40 people, and probably got about 25, so we had a lot of leftover food… but better to have too much than not enough! And we were able to send a couple people home with a lot of stuff!

Pretty much my whole family and GG’s whole family showed up, as well as a lot of each of our friends, and I think everyone from GG’s band, plus all their wives/girlfriends. So it was a lot of fun, and I’m glad everyone who could make it did. I was worried that we’d have too many people to fit in the house, which is why I was so worried about fixing up the back yard, but actually everyone fit just right, there were just enough seats, and it was perfect. Plus, the weather was lovely and we were able to open the doors and get some light and fresh air.

All in all, it was a pretty perfect day. And now check out my Flickr set of the party.

Stuff Portrait Friday – a bunch of stuff around the house

I didn’t get to play last week because I was busy dying. There was no discernible theme for this week’s SPF from Random and Odd. So here we go!

Washer & Dryer: One of our first big purchases when we got the house. We went with kind of bottom-of-the-line models because really, between just the two of us, how much laundry can we have? They’re tucked away nicely in a little laundry nook with folding panel doors, which is a nice feature of the house – you don’t have to go out of your way to get to them, but they’re far enough away from the main living spaces that they don’t fill the house with noise when they’re on.

My Robe: I have always had robes, since I was very little. I love this soft chenille one, but I rarely wear it anymore unless it’s a lazy Saturday morning and I’ve taken a shower but don’t quite feel like getting dressed yet. The rest of the time, I don’t really have time for the robe. Boo hoo.

A Flower: I had this great plan to take a picture of some of these random flowers growing outside my office. I’m sure everyone else would just be like, “Yeah, that’s a flower,” but they’re funny to me because they’re really fastedious about the landscaping around here, and yet they’re letting these random flowers just grow wherever, right in the grass and not in their carefully planned flower beds. Anyway, I didn’t get the picture. So instead, here’s some flowers that are on this quilted thing my grandmother gave me to hang on the wall. It’s got hooks so you can hang a hat or something on it. (It’s actually not on the wall yet – it’s standing on one end, leaning against something in the kitchen, and this photo was rotated 90 degrees.)

Did you play??

Good Avian Flu News!

So I’ve been, um, paralyzed with fear about bird flu lately. But here’s good news: Jess just sent me a link to this (extremely brief) story about a vaccine for the bird flu. Is this true? The article is from January, and you think big, wonderful news like this would’ve gotten more press, yet this is the first I’ve heard of it.

[Edit – 9:13 AM] More good links confirm the good news!

ScienceDaily: Vaccine Provides 100 Percent Protection Against Avian Flu Virus In Animal Study

VOA News: Avian Flu Vaccine 100 Percent Effective in Pittsburgh Animal Tests [/Edit]

Party Prep

For those who didn’t know, GG and I are having a housewarming party this Sunday. Yes, over a year after he actually bought the house. We would’ve done it last summer, after we moved in, but without central air it was so unbearably hot all summer. So we thought his one-year anniversary would be an appropriate time to have the party. And the temperature will be perfect.

So we each put together a guest list and sent out an evite about a month ago, and now here it is party time, and we’ve invited way too many people and way too many of them have said they’re coming. Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can have some people in the backyard or something, because otherwise there will just be an unbelievable amount of people in the house.

Oh but the main point I wanted to make was that I was worried about food and stuff, but last night I borrowed my mom’s Costco card and GG and I went on a little scouting mission. We ended up getting about $100 worth of snacks, appetizers, and paper goods (cups, plates, napkins). And I ordered some trays of sandwiches and wraps to pick up on Sunday. My mom’s helping out by making some other stuff, and hopefully my grandmother and maybe GG’s mom and/or grandmother can make some food, too. Just brownies or something.

Now… I just hope that with all this food, we actually get all the guests we were expecting!

Still to do (this list is more for my own use, I guess):

  • get soda/juice (party is BYOB)
  • get plasticwear (even though I hope to have only food you can eat with your hands…)
  • order some balloons for the porch
  • vacuum entire house
  • clean kitchen and bathroom
  • hide away all our junk (I have some hiding places in mind!)


I sold my first item on etsy!! But… it was a Pay It Forward (aka “free”) listing, meaning I make no money. But, woo-hoo, that’s one under my belt!!

And if items like that are what people want from me, they’re in luck, because I have three more half-finished and sitting on my sewing-table.