Thanks, Tech Support?, and TOCTWD

First of all, thanks for the congratulations everyone! We’re excited… even though I think GG is trying not to be. He wants to keep everything as simple and low-key as possible, with as little change in our lives as possible. My mom called to ask about taking us out to lunch or dinner afterwards, and he started freaking out because it was becoming a big event. So I haven’t really even told a lot of people. (Well except I’ve told the entire internet. Whoops.)

Secondly… I can’t post to my blog from work anymore?!?!?! Or even view my website! I would guess that my company’s blocking it, like they eventually do with all my favorite websites, but usually when a site is blocked I get a message with the company logo and the reason why they’re filtering it (like “Humor/Profanity” or “Entertainment/Streaming Media”), but when I try to get to my site I get an MSN search with no results..? I can get to it from home (obviously), so I know it’s not a problem with my server or anything… weird.

Today was an exciting day at work because we finally launched the massive website I’ve been working on for months! Tomorrow is take your kids to work day or whatever, and Jess and Heather and I are giving a workshop on making websites at our company. It’s really my workshop, but I’ve enlisted them as kid wranglers. We’re actually doing the workshop twice, 11-11:45 and 12-12:45. In return, they gave us a bag of goodies (pens, magnets, flashlight, etc. with our company logo or our products on them) and we get free lunch tomorrow. Should be interesting. I’ll give my report tomorrow I guess. I’m pretty sure this whole event will just reinforce my decision not to have kids.

[Edit – 7:21 AM, 4/27] Oh happy day, I can get to this site from work again! Maybe they sensed that I was complaining. [/Edit]


GG and I are getting married.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006.

We bought the rings tonight. (His. Mine.)

I told my mom on Saturday. She’s going to be one of our witnesses on the certificate. GG will get one of his parents to be the other. Now I just have to call the courthouse and find out a) if this “self-uniting” license really exists, and b) if not, how I go about getting a judge to marry us that day.

I truly can’t believe that nobody has a comment about this?!

“Let’s invite our friends over and have them cook us dinner!”

I had a pretty good weekend. On Friday I cooked dinner for me and GG (a Rachel Ray-esque oriental chicken salad) before he had to leave for his show… which was faaaaar away. He got home at 5 AM. Saturday I went to Costco with my mom to pick out a very cute pair of glasses that I’m supposed to avoid wearing.* GG’s show Saturday night was 11 PM to 3 AM in Atlantic City, and he got home around 6 AM. (That included a 45-minute nap on the way, so it’s okay.) Yesterday we checked out the new brunch buffet they’re having at the Italian restaurant that we like, which is walking distance from our house. When we got home, I wanted to nap while GG watched DVDs, but I ended up being able to stay awake so I got to see The Exorcist for the first time. It was completely non-scary to me, so I really don’t understand how everyone can say it’s the scariest film of all time and this and that. I cleaned the house some, vacuumed and such, before we went to Ed and Linda’s for dinner. Turns out they didn’t really have dinner planned, which was pretty fun, actually, because we ended up just pulling out whatever they had in the cupboards. I made a salad with whatever fresh veggies they had (ended up being red pepper, tomato, carrot, and onions with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper). GG mixed up all sorts of sauces and spices to make what turned out to be a very tasty barbecue sauce, and we used it to grill some frozen chicken. We also had couscous and corn on the cob. After dinner, we watched a bunch of DVDs GG had brought (Chapelle’s Show [Popcopy and Rick James sketches], Wonder Showzen [Birth and Diversity episodes], and Ali G [Borat only]). We left around 11 PM and I went right to bed because I was tired and had a headache, which I blame on the wine we brought.

All in all, a good weekend. This promises to be a completely insane week at work, with the launch of the Toolkit (hopefully!) and Take Our Children to Work Day on Thursday.

* I think I forgot to write about it (?) but I went to the eye doctor a couple weeks ago to see about my declining distance vision and frequent headaches. Turns out my vision is fine, still better than 20/20, although it is declining. She wrote me a super-weak prescription for glasses and said I could decide if I wanted to get them or not, but if I did, I was to wear them extremely sparingly. So of course as soon as I told my mom, she flipped out and wanted me to get glasses right away. So I’m getting them, but I’ll probably never wear them.


Well, if 66-06 does happen, GG might be looking at this guy on his finger. (Lacewood is his favorite wood. In fact, it’s the top of his current, custom guitar.) I haven’t picked my favorite yet, but these titanium rings are definitely awesome.

OMG, this is, like, for real!!

Stuff Portrait Friday – Your Initials

Feels like I haven’t done this for a while… Anyway, this week’s assignment from Random and Odd is to take pictures of things starting with your initials. I was having such a hard time thinking of anything, and then suddenly I found all three items and got everything done in like five minutes. I am awesome.

L: Something I have a whole lot of… I can count seven of them in this picture. …Lotion!

V: I was having the most trouble with this one, and then, I saw it GG’s Video Camera! (If that’s not good enough, there’s also a VCR in the background…)

G: One of the kitties’ favorite treats, and practically a permanent fixture on the dining room windowsill is Cat Grass.

[Edit – 10:52 AM] I am getting a lot of questions re: cat grass. It’s not the same as catnip. It’s actually wheat grass (which humans can eat – you see it in a lot of health shakes and stuff). I’ve had cats all my life and none were ever into cat grass until we got Ivan and Katrina – they can’t get enough of it. Especially timid Ivan, it’s the only thing that’ll get him to come out when we have company over. [/Edit]

Did you play?

I love springtime

I wish springtime could last a little longer. It seems like the weather jumps straight from cold to hot, with only a week of “comfortable” in between.

A nice thing about our house is that this is the view from our bedroom window. Too bad the tree only flowers briefly, because it’s beautiful:

Now this is exciting!!

I probably shouldn’t write this here because I’ll end up jinxing it, but

GG and I will probably get married in June!

If we do, it will be probably the fastest and cheapest wedding in Pennsylvania. We can go to the Montgomery County Courthouse and for $40 get a “self-uniting” marriage license, which is like a regular license, except two witnesses sign it and you don’t need any sort of officiant to perform a ceremony.

I think the thing that will really make up GG’s mind is the wedding date I suggested: June 6th (or 66-06).

Mid-Week Review

I’m so so so so busy at work lately! There’s a huge project I’ve been working on seemingly forever, that was supposed to be done by the end of January… then by the end of March… then by this Friday… then by ???… It’s just turning into more and more work, and I’ve been extremely busy. Plus, we’re busy busy getting ready for the band party in June. I just had to print up a million kajillion invitations and reply cards last weekend (and my printer was not very happy with me). Plus, I’m supposedly making all these illustrations of funny band moments..?

We got a little more news about Jen’s baby. Her name is Katelyn, which I like – it’s not too off-the-wall, and she could go by Kate if she wants. She was born one hour before the premature-ness cut-off, which is why she had to stay in the hospital for a couple extra days, but she’s healthy. Jen sent us a few photos of her, and she’s very cute. Her big sister, Emily, looks thoroughly confused sitting next to the baby.

I made a delicious wrap for dinner last night that I felt like sharing: on a whole-wheat flatbread, I spread Caesar dressing from Trader Joe’s. Then I piled on romaine lettuce, strips of roasted red pepper, and toasted pine nuts. It was so good, I’m still thinking about it this morning! (I forget the brand of the flatbread, we got a big pack of it at Costco, but it tastes just like Cheerios!)

And finally, just so I can file this post under as many categories as possible, the cats were making out on our bed Monday night. GG woke me up in the middle of the night to watch, after their loud licking noises woke him up. They were both ferociously licking each other’s faces and mouths. It was weird but so funny! Then yesterday, GG called me at work and reminded me of it (I guess I’d forgotten since I was half asleep at the time), and I was laughing so hard I was crying!

LolaBlog note: I’ve (finally!) added a little list of upcoming events to the sidebar. For my reference as much as yours.


Jen had her baby on Saturday! (She wasn’t due until May.) It’s a girl, that’s all we know so far. I’m sure she’ll call in today with more details.

And her surprise shower at work was supposed to be Wednesday. You ruined our plans, Jen!

[Edit – 1:58 PM] Still no more info on the baby. In other news, Jess was sure her boyfriend would propose to her over the weekend, and he didn’t. (He did, however, ask her father for her permission.) Is it mean of me to be secretly glad that she’s not engaged? They’ve only been dating since October, but their whole relationship has moved so fast, and she’s constantly talking about their marriage and future kids and all that, and I’m just like, “Woah! You’ve only been together for like two weeks! You haven’t even had an argument yet! (And don’t think you won’t fight, because GG and I never really ‘faught’ for years, but eventually it will happen.)” End rant. [/Edit]

Our New Hope Vacation

GG and I had a really nice weekend away, and I’m going to try to remember everything I wanted to write about…

We left around 11:30 on Friday and had a nice drive up to New Hope, except it was kind of rainy and gray all day. Check-in at the Bed and Breakfast wasn’t until 3 PM, so we decided to get lunch first. We ended up eating at the Triumph Brewing Company, where we were seated next to a table with about two adults and six small, screaming children. We were both pretty hungry, so I got a burger and fries, and GG had some crab hush puppies and a roast beef sandwich. Everything was delicious, and kicked off Overeatathon ’06. We still had some time to kill after lunch, so we walked around the Union Square shops for a little while, before heading to the B&B.

The place we stayed was very nice. Like most B&Bs, I guess, they had rooms with different names and themes. We were staying in the Ocean Room, which ended up being upstairs, all the way at the end of the hall, which was great, because it meant we wouldn’t have people walking past all the time. The main feature of the room was that the bathroom door was this big wooden panel that slid back and forth on a track, apparently like doors on ships (?). There was a big net draped along one wall, with shells and starfish and stuff in it, and lots of other ocean and nautical knick-knacks around. We had a little rest before heading back to “downtown” New Hope. When we had arrived, we asked the innkeeper if she had the phone number of the Cock ‘n Bull restaurant, so we could make dinner reservations. As we left, she told us that she had made us 7:30 reservations for dinner. Awesome!

With several hours before dinner, we tried to walk off our giant lunches by checking out New Hope’s downtown shops. It was raining off and on, so we were fiddling with umbrellas, which kind of sucked – but I’m glad I had that crazy umbrella my mom gave me for Christmas, that opens and closes automatically. So we went to a ton of different shops, didn’t really buy anything… Well, we got some candy at this little candy shop, and GG got a replacement Fiestaware dish for his mom at Hot Plates. And we got some marble coasters on sale there, too. (We also saw some very cool rings at Hearts Afire that may have sparked GG’s interest in engagement rings..?)

All that walking didn’t really do much to increase our appetites, but we had to go to dinner anyway. So we got dressed nicely, had a little photoshoot, and headed to Peddler’s Village. I’d been to the Cock ‘n Bull once before, for a Mother’s Day brunch; GG had never been there before. Dinner was delicious – unfortunately, because of our huge lunches, every bite was torture. I had chicken breast topped with a gorgonzola sauce and chopped walnuts, and GG had a calamari appetizer followed by filet mignon (!). Plus we each got a salad with our meal. Plus GG talked me into getting dessert (I had a fruit, yogurt, and graham cracker crumb parfait, and GG had rice pudding).

When we got back to the B&B, it was after 9 PM, it was dark out, and we were in the middle of the woods. GG opened his car door, and this snorting creature stuck its head in the car and its paws on GG’s lap! He freaked out, which made me scream, and then we realized: it was a very friendly, excited dog. He followed us up to the door of the house, so I checked his tag to make sure he belonged there and not to a neighbor or something. He had the same address as the B&B, so we let him in, and he ended up back with his family. (There was also a cat who lived there. She looked like a miniature Katrina, except she was not as into petting and scratches as our kitties. I was petting her when we checked in, and she bit my hand [gently] to tell me to stop. And she said “meow.” A perfect little meow!) GG needed to calm down a little after his near heart attack, and I needed to rest from eating so much, so we sat in the common room of the B&B, in front of the remote control fireplace. Eventually, we headed up to bed. It was much earlier than my usual bedtime, but I could barely stay awake past 10:00, between the food, the walking, and the soft, comfy bed.

We got up around 8:00 Saturday morning, got dressed, and headed downstairs for breakfast. All the guests were seated at seperate tables, and we all got to choose what time we wanted breakfast. As we were sitting there, it looked like there was a group of four women across from us, and another couple sitting next to us. I later realized that the four women were two lesbian couples, and the couple sitting next to us were also two women. (New Hope is very gay-friendly.) So it was sort of funny that GG was the only man staying at the B&B. Breakfast was delicious: a fruit salad, english muffin, and sausage and potato frittata. And awesome strawberry orange juice.

We checked out shortly after breakfast and headed back home, down 202 South. As we neared Norristown, we stopped to check out a couple stores in a shopping center, which we’ve been meaning to visit. Big Lots was kind of like a creepy KMart. Aldi was like an even creepier Amelia’s Grocery Outlet, and it smelled like a pet store + disinfectant.

Last night we got dinner at the mall (more food!), wandered around for a while, and then went to see Scary Movie 4. It was pretty good, except for GG pinching my knees when the tripods blew their horns!!

Today: laundry, followed by Easter dinner with GG’s family. Have a good day, everyone!