Goin’ to the Wawa and we’re gonna get married…

I left GG some judges’ phone numbers today so he could call around to find someone available on June 6. The District Justice for our town is apparently free that morning, so it looks like he’ll be marrying us. Here’s the best part – the district court is practically across the street from our house. It’s in a little shopping center, next to a Wawa. All we’ve got to do is walk over there! Awesome!

(Supposedly he is calling GG back to confirm, so it’s not official yet, but I hope this works out. If not, we’ll have to move on to neighboring towns/districts.)

[Edit – 8:37 PM] My ring came today by FedEx. Hopefully GG’s is on its way, too! [/Edit]

TMBG Coming Up!

Oh yes, the illustrious TDK plans to attend Friday’s show! Now Jess, DT, Julia, Kevin, and I can laugh and point.

Back in time…:

My concert Sunday was awesome. It was so hot in there, I was dripping with sweat! I got to stand up a few times, once when they called on band members who joined from 1990 to 1995, and once when our president called on each of the officers. (I am such a comparative old-timer in that band, it’s scary, considering I’m probably one of the 3 or 5 youngest members.) The 1812 Overture took over 15 minutes to play, and everyone was probably dying by the end, but it was amazing. I almost cried. (I’m weird.) And the programs I designed, printed, and assembled were a hit! Particularly the removable summer schedule page, that people could hang on their refridgerators.

GG and I went to that wedding shower on Saturday. It was fun, but we had to leave before they opened the presents. It was a Cinco de Mayo theme, and they had a pinata, and Linda got to swing first, and she broke it in half on her very first swing! So to give Ed a chance to hit something, too, they let him pretty much destroy it, except for its head.

I got my glasses on Saturday morning. I took some pictures with them on, but haven’t uploaded them yet. They are very very cute, and I definitely notice a difference in how clear things are when I have them on, but… I will probably never wear them because 1) the eye doctor pretty much said I should never wear them, and 2) when I take them off, I’m really dizzy like I have a headache coming on. GG says I look like my mom when I’m wearing them!

Oh, so much stuff to write…

Where did I leave off yesterday..? After work, I went to see Ivan again. I saw our vet, and she said he was doing better and they would be re-testing him today rather than waiting until Saturday. She said the biggest problem was that he wasn’t eating. I told her he could be very stubborn about eating, and if he was nervous, he wasn’t going to eat. So while I was there, I got him to eat some of his dry food they had in the cage with him, by putting one piece at a time in front of him. Also, she gave him some wet food and he started gobbling that. So that was good news. Then I had to go finish printing stuff for our concert programs. Then I had to stop and buy fruits for this fruit tray (more on that below). Then GG and I went to one of our favorite Mexican places to celebrate Cuatro de Mayo. (I made up that holiday.) Then we must’ve done something else that I forget. And then I passed out.

GG and I had an extremely busy day today. Our first stop was my mom’s apartment, to drop off a fruit tray I’d made for our lunch after the funeral. On the way there, juice started dripping from no where and got all over my hands and on the seat of GG’s car. So I took it up to my mom’s apartment so I could wash my hands.

Next we went to the vet to visit Ivan. When we got there, the nurse told us not to go back, but to wait in one of the exam rooms, because the vet wanted to talk to us. We were so worried! I thought for sure she was going to tell us Ivan had taken a turn for the worst and might not make it and we should think about putting him to sleep..! GG was nervous too, while we waited for her to come in. The nurse must have seen our nervous faces as she walked by, because she stuck her head in and said, “Don’t worry, it’s good news.” Turns out Ivan was doing much better and they wanted to send him home today! The vet said that if he had something seriously wrong with his kidneys, he wouldn’t have just gotten better in two days, which he did. She said they wanted to keep him on the IV a little longer, until the afternoon, so we said we’d be back later to get him, and we were off.

The biggest event of the day (which also was the shortest) was the funeral. The deceased passed away last May 5, so today everyone got together to bury his ashes. It was really quick. The minister read some stuff, we all said the Lord’s Prayer. Then everyone stood there for a minute, and there was this weird moment where everyone probably thought, “Is that it?” And then we all made our way out and back to my mom’s apartment.

So at the apartment, we had some appetizers, and then sandwiches, and then desserts. And everyone mingled and bla bla. I finally got the chance to tell both my brother and my grandmother in person about our plans for June 6. It was nice to see everyone, but eventually the party started to break up, and GG and I had other places to go, so we left.

Our next stop was the second floor of the Montgomery County courthouse, where we got our marriage license! When we went in through the metal detector, the guard asked, “Marriage license?” And when we said yes, he took GG’s wallet out of the little bin and handed it to me! We got on the elevator with some maintenance guy, and asked him to hit the 2 button for us, and he asked, “Marriage license?” When we said yes, he said something about first having to go to domestic court, across the street. We finally got there, and it was apparently a big day for marriage licenses, because there were several couples there before us. The actual process took about five minutes, but something I didn’t know beforehand was that they ask for your birthplace and occupation, and the birthplace, occupation, and current residence of each of your parents. I guessed on some stuff (now that I’m thinking about it, I guessed wrong), and for most of my father’s information, we had to say “unknown.” But it’s not really critical to get your license, they just ask for this stuff for genealogy purposes. So now it’s like, officially official.

After swinging by our house to change and pick up the cat carrier, we went back to the vet to get Ivan! He was meowing when they carried him out (he never meows), and they gave me an antibiotic to give him (we’ll see how well that goes), and he’s got to eat special food for the rest of his life. Oh well. My cat I had growing up had to eat the same special food, and so did GG’s childhood cat. The whole thing only cost about half of what I was expecting (which was still a lot!!), but he’ll still have to go back in a couple months for a check up and, if all is going well, a teeth cleaning.

We were expecting a big, happy reunion between Ivan and Katrina when we got him home. She was really freaking out while he was gone. In fact, last night, she started pawing at me and meowing in a voice she doesn’t usually meow in. But when we got them together this afternoon, she was hissing at him, and hit him in the head! They’ve since sniffed each other, but they’re not snuggled up together or anything. Ivan is so happy to be home, though! He jumped up on the sofa with me and GG and just enjoyed some scratches and napping.

Tune in tomorrow, when I get the glasses I’m never supposed to wear! And GG and I go to Ed and Linda’s wedding shower!

More about my sick catboy

I stopped by to see Ivan on my way home from work yesterday. GG had gone to see him earlier, and told me the vet showed him some test results where the normal range is like 30, and Ivan’s level was 130. (I think this might have measured toxins in his blood? Like if he was having kidney problems and stuff started getting into his blood? But I’m not sure.) So, I got to see him, and it was so sad, he’s hooked up to a little IV and he’s in his little cage… Actually, he got one of the bigger cages there. Since it was at floor level, I sort of crawled in there with him and gave him some scratches, and pretty soon he was rolling around so I could scratch his tummy, and really purring and enjoying himself. His fur was kind of rumpled, but other than that, he looked okay. I think he looked more alert than he did at home, thanks I guess to the fluids they’re pumping into him. Of course, that might also have been because he was by himself in a strange place, and therefore super-nervous. But I prefer to believe that he’s getting better.

On my way out, I asked the nurse if it would be weird if I came by every day, and she said that wouldn’t be weird at all. So I will stop by today after work, and try to go over tomorrow as well. (Tomorrow might be tricky – I’m going to a funeral in the morning, and then, since I have the day off work, GG and I will go to the courthouse and get our license..! So the vet may be closed by the time we finish all that. But they’re open Saturday, which is when we’ll hopefully get good news about Ivan.)

Meanwhile, Katrina is still a little confused and lonely, but I think she’s adjusting. She woke me up at about 5 AM, walking all over us on the bed (usually that’s Ivan’s job), and she eventually curled up on my chest until I had to get up. I can’t wait to bring her brother home so they can snuggle together again!


Poor Ivan

Well I was just about to write something about how our trip to the vet went yesterday, when she called me… So now I’m sort of shaken and sad. But hopefully it’ll be okay.

First of all, Katrina is totally healthy and fine. Her exam took about two seconds, she got her shots, and she’s back home.

Ivan on the other hand, spent the night at the vet so they could get urine and blood samples from him. Poor boy. (Katrina seemed very confused when she got home and he wasn’t with her. This is probably the first time they’ve been apart.) Besides the concern about him being sick and peeing so much (did I mention this? He’s been peeing gallons at a time lately), he has two bad teeth. One can probably be cleaned and saved, but the other has to come out. Before they could take care of that, though, or give him his shots, they wanted to see how his urine and stuff looked.

So the vet called me just now. His urine sample looks really bad. It’s cloudy and gritty..! So there could be one of two things going on. Either he did have some sort of blockage (which could have been possible, considering his cystitis a few months ago), and he’s now un-blocked and all this urine is coming out, or he’s having some sort of kidney failure. Since he’s such a young cat, she doesn’t think that’s the problem. So they’re keeping him for a few more days and hooking him up to IV fluids to flush out whatever’s in him. They’ll check his levels (of what?) again on Saturday. Which means… 4-5 nights at the vet :o( I’m going to go visit him this afternoon.

Cat Update

Just a few hours until our trip to the vet. I’m leaving work a little early so I can get home in time to help GG get the kitties into their carriers. I’m not worried about Katrina, because she’ll usually let me pick her up, but even though he’s sick, he’s still kind of nervous. He still seems pretty “blah,” and has been walking around kind of delicately, but this morning I opened up a new can of food for him and he ate the whole dish I gave him! (Usually he just eats part of his breakfast, and then lets his sister finish it for him.) So hopefully this is a good thing.

Yesterday we sat the cat carriers out in our bedroom, so the kitties could get used to seeing them. Katrina slept in one of them all day, and she slept in the other one all night. This morning GG called me at work to tell me that Ivan was sleeping in one. If only they knew what was coming…

Cats and Clothes

I think our cat boy is sick. On Saturday night I was sitting upstairs and he came walking into the room, meowed one sad little meow, and headed down the hallway. I followed him, he meowed again, and went downstairs. Then he meowed one more time and threw up in the dining room. After that, I sat downstairs so I could watch him, and he did that a couple more times – sad little mews, then throwing up. After the first couple times, it was just bile or saliva or something, not even food. He did drink a little water, but he was super-snuggly and floppy and just listless after that. He didn’t eat much on Sunday, and again just kind of sat around and acted floppy. He’s usually so alert and scared of everything, and now he just looks like he’s half asleep. So I called the vet, and we’re taking him in tomorrow afternoon. Actually, we’re taking both cats, since they’re both due for a check-up and shots, and I’d rather get everything done in one trip. Poor boy. Katrina’s being such a good sister, though. She’s been licking his head, and sleeping next to him, and generally keeping an eye on him.

I finally went shopping yesterday for outfits to wear to the weddings I’m going to this summer. My ensemble for MB and Alan’s wedding is totally done, and it’s going to be cute! For Ed and Linda’s wedding, I still need shoes, but otherwise, that’s done too. (Actually, I kind of want to wear that outfit for when GG and I do our thing, which is only three days later. I just might.) I spent two and a half hours going to every store in the Plaza that sells women’s clothing. I didn’t even look at price tags or anything, just tried stuff on, hoping to find something that fit and looked nice. Then I went over to the Court, and bought everything at my first stop, H&M (hooray for $19.90 everything). I think that is my new favorite store. If you can get past the weird way it’s organized (but I guess that’s a sort of boutique-y way to do it). Anyway, yay, clothes.

Lazy Saturday

It’s been a pretty boring weekend so far. Pretty average. GG’s been out all day, first at a paintball bachelor party for our friend Ed, then home to shower and change, then out to dinner with the paintball guys, then off to his show for the night. I’ve been in and out, too. Jess and Rob stopped by earlier because they were in town looking at houses for sale. I rode around with them and pointed out some places I’ve seen for sale around here. Later I went out to run some errands. Since then, I’ve been cleaning up and doing laundry at home.

Also, we got our ring sizers from T.R.S. in the mail yesterday. They recommend wearing the sizer for 24 hours because your size will change throughout the day, as your finger swells and stuff. So I wore the 6 1/2 yesterday afternoon and evening, and I’m wearing the 6 today. I guess I could go either way, though the 6 is probably better for me. I’m just not used to wearing rings at all, so I want to make sure that what I get will be comfortable. Also, they say the titanium rings cannot be sized larger (and it costs 35% of the price of the ring to have it sized smaller). So I want to make sure I get the right size the first time.

Speaking of getting married (!), I called the courthouse yesterday to find out more about this “self-uniting” license. The woman on the phone goes, “Are you of Amish or Quaker faith?” Um, no. So that’s why no one’s ever heard of that before. So we’ll have to find a justice of the peace after all. And say vows. And bla bla bla. I was kind of not into that because I hate having attention focused on me, and GG isn’t into that because he wants the least amount of fuss possible for this whole thing. But I guess we’ll have to do it, like normal people. (Or else convert to Quakers real quick.) The lady I spoke to said we should get the license first and then call a judge. She said there’s enough of them that we’ll be able to get the date that we want. Considering it’s a Tuesday, I’m sure we won’t have a problem.

Stuff Portrait Friday – Perspective

This week’s SPF assignment from Kristine is all about perspective. We were to photograph something big, something small, and half of something… but keep in mind that, for example, up close, something small could appear big, etc. Here we go!

Something Big: It’s just a little sewing needle (the squares in the background are 1-inch, for perspective), but look how huge it seems! Haha..!

Something Small: This is the view out of our upstairs hall window. It’s the only window we have on that side of the house and it’s tiny, which is a shame, because it’s a pretty interesting view. Anyway, look how small that smokestack seems in comparison to my thumb. Thumbs up!

Half of Something: This one was tough for me, but I decided to go with half of my pair of slippers. I wear them pretty much from the moment I walk in the door, I hate wearing shoes at home. But obviously they’re always together, whether they’re on or off my feet. This guy misses his slipper mate.

Did you play??

Kids @ Work

Well, our workshops today were very successful, but now I am so tired. We had two sessions, with 20+ kids in each one. I first asked the kids what some of their favorite websites were. Then I explained how our company has an intranet that can only be seen from within the company, and asked if some of the kids knew what department their parents were in, and we found the department’s website. Then we had them draw their own imaginary web pages on paper, with markers, while they came up one at a time and gave me some information to put on a real website I had started. Heather and Jess walked around and talked to them, and Jess snapped a few pictures of the kids at work. At the end of class, they got to share their drawings, and then I showed them the website I’d put together, with all their information and photos on it. The workshop really depended on the kids being interested and wanting to draw, and luckily they were all really into it, which was great. And really, they were all very well-behaved children. During the second session, a photographer came in to get pictures of me presenting and working with the kids, so maybe those will turn up somewhere. After we were all finished, I e-mailed the parents from each session and sent them a link to their child’s session’s web page.

Overall, I think everything went really well. I’d probably volunteer again next year, it was fun, even if I do hate children.