Quiet, Errands, Buy My Stuff!

I just realized it is totally silent here in the office. A lot of people took the day off or left early. I think a three-day weekend is enough for me. Plus, I’m off next Monday and Tuesday (June 5 and 6) for getting married and whatnot.

It sucks that it’s raining [Edit – 2:15 PM] It’s sunny out now! [/Edit] because I have a lot of stops to make after work before I go home:

  • Haircut – I only get my haircut once or twice a year, because I’m cheap and lazy, so this is a monumental event
  • Post Office – to mail the baby blanket I made for D (thanks again for asking!)
  • Kathy’s Office (or her house, if she’s gone home by then) – to pick up the reply cards of everyone coming to the band party so I can print the place cards this weekend
  • Staples – The memory book we’re handing out at the band party needs to be printed up, but first I have to find out how they need me to lay it out so the pages will print in the right order. If I have to re-order all my pages before I give it to them I’ll be ticked, but I’d be even more ticked if they said I didn’t have to and then it came out all mixed up. So I’ll re-order if it’ll help.

Go visit my etsy shop, because from now until 12 AM eastern on May 20, I’m offering 20% off any item if you mention “Memorial Day” in the comments when you check out. And free domestic shipping if you order three or more items!

Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy the long weekend..!

[Edit – 11:56 PM] I just wanted to share: my haircut came out awesome! I couldn’t really get a good shot of it, but she took off about 8 inches! There’s a couple photos on my Flickr page.

Also, when I got home, there was a little box sitting on my bedside table. It was a ring I’d bought at a craft fair in college and gave GG to give me as an engagement ring whenever he was ready. So I guess he’s ready. [/Edit]

“I love [your name here] because”

I did that meme that’s been making the rounds, where you do a Google search for “I love [your name here] because” and then put the first 10 results in your blog. I didn’t get any results using my actual name. Using Lola, I only got two (well, three, but two were duplicates). But they’re not bad:

As I a school librarian, I love Lola because she epitomizes the joys and struggles of being a young person. link

I love lola because she is beautiful, inteligent, nice and funny! link


(Sorry in advance to friends of mine who are doing the wedding thing right now or have done it recently: MB, Julia, D, Heather, Lina, et al. No offense is intended – you guys are into this, like most people apparently are, and that’s fine. It just doesn’t make sense to me.)

I’ve watched more than my fair share of TV shows like A Wedding Story and Whose Wedding is it Anyway? After all this, and having experienced a little “wedding boom” in my life over the past couple years, I’ve come to notice that, in general, weddings are all the same. They all contain the same expected components: engagement ring, invitation, shower, gifts, ceremony, dress, bridesmaids, groomsmen, first dance, dinner, cake, honeymoon, name change.

When GG and I decided to get married, there was no engagement ring, much to the disappointment of people who excitedly grab my hand to check it out. There wasn’t even an actual “proposal,” I just mentioned the cool anniversary date we could have, and he agreed that would be a fun idea. There’s no ceremony or reception – we’re just walking over to the courthouse across the street to be married by a judge, in front of our families. (And actually, if we could get away with just going by ourselves, I’d be all for that.) We’re not having a reception, we’ll probably just all go out to lunch. We’re not going on a honeymoon. And I’m not changing my name.

Honestly, I’m glad we’re doing it this way. I’m not a fan of rings, and would be just about terrified to have a diamond attached to my finger, so the no engagement ring thing is perfect. I’d always sort of dreaded my eventual wedding day, because I hate being the center of attention, and couldn’t imagine walking down an aisle with a church full of people staring at me, or performing a first dance (I don’t dance), or doing anything else with everyone watching me. GG, on the other hand, loves attention, so I would also worry about his behavior in front of everyone, because you just know he’d try to do something crazy. I would also hate the stress of having to select guests, and especially having to choose my top few friends to be in the wedding party. And let’s not even get into picking a dress!

In other news, I did make it to New Jersey this weekend for MB’s shower. And it was really nice. I’m glad I got the chance to meet all her family and friends. It was a really impressive party, well-organized, decorated beautifully, and awesome, gourmet food – and it was all prepared and organized by family members! It was fun, and yes there were the requisite wife-themed games (in this case, a match-the-recipe game) and two hours of present opening, and that’s awesome, and MB clearly enjoyed herself (at least, I hope she did). But I just have no desire to have that for myself.

The Nest

From the people who brought you The Knot, your source for generic wedding information, comes The Nest, your source for generic information on married life!

It’s got incredibly useful articles like Merging Spaces, which advises, for example, storing a spouse’s unwanted knick-knacks in “a special spot. A storage cabinet in a guest room or some shelves in an out-of-the-way area in the home office should resolve the problem.”

Ah, true love. I’m sure there’s some useful information on there (this Post-Wedding To-Do List article is kind of interesting), but mostly it just makes me angry.


I got a piece of spam e-mail today with the subject “ButtJack.” I didn’t open it, because I just don’t open spam, but ButtJack made me giggle.

GG got an e-mail last night that Ed and Linda’s wedding is off..?! He hasn’t been able to get ahold of Ed or anyone who might have more details… This is pretty shocking! I hope everyone’s okay!

Last night we did Margarita Monday with Julie and her boyfriend Brad. This was the first time I met him – he was really nice. We had a good chat, and stayed in the restaurant until they were closing up. (But they close at 8PM, so it wasn’t super-late or anything.) After dinner, GG and I went to Petsmart as usual to look at the kitties. I bought a new scratching post for Ivan and Katrina, and wonder of wonders, at least Katrina seems interested in it!

We’re getting married in exactly three weeks! Actually, three weeks and two hours from now! OMG!

TMBG, Shoes, Mother’s Day, Presents

TMBG on Friday night was great! Jess and Rob weren’t able to make it (she wasn’t feeling well), but DT and his friends Tim and Drew, and Julia and Kevin, all met up at my place for pizza. We took two cars, and I ended up driving one, which wouldn’t have been so bad, except GG gave me bad directions! None of us knew how to get there, so I drove with Julia and Kevin, and DT and his friends followed us. GG said there would be an exit for 15th street, but guess what – there is no exit with a “15” on it. There may well have been an exit that took you to 15th street, but it wasn’t labled as such, and none of us knew the alternate names of these streets. So we ended up driving in circles around Philadelphia’s one-way streets for a while, but we finally got there. Actually, we arrived about 5 minutes after the opening act went on, which worked out well, because there was pretty much no line to get in at that point. Opener Michael Leviton I probably would have liked, had I been able to hear him. The Last Car was pretty funny – I was impressed with how everyone played a different instrument on every song! Finally, TMBG came on, and did an amazing show with two encores. I was not at all disappointed! Getting home was much easier, because Jess had given me some different directions :o)

GG and I went on a mission to find me shoes on Saturday. I actually ended up buying two cute pairs at Payless. GG was like, “You’re buying two?!” and I said, “This is Payless, I think I can afford two pairs of shoes.” They actually are both very cute, one is kind of a strappy black sandal with a little bit of a heel, which is exactly what I wanted for these summer weddings, and I also got some flat black sandals, which will be great for my summer concerts and also to wear to work.

Yesterday morning I went to see my mom and grandmother before they went out to brunch together, and gave them their Mother’s Day gifts, which they loved! (Quick Etsy plug: my mom got this and this, and my grandmother got these and the CD from my spring concert.) After I got back home, GG and I decided we wanted to see Art School Confidential, which was really good and so true to life. Especially the critiques, and the different “characters” in the drawing class – so true! We were also excited to see Nick Swardson had a small, but funny, part. We also went to Target and set up a wedding registry..! It’s just stuff that we probably would have ended up getting for ourselves anyway, but just in case someone wanted to buy us a present… there you go. We went to GG’s parents’ house for dinner with his mom, and then I was falling asleep, so we went home to watch our usual Sunday shows, and then I was falling asleep, so we went to bed.

And now it’s supposed to rain all week. Awesome.


GG just confirmed with the district judge for our town: 11 AM, Tuesday, June 6!!!

The day before, we have to give him our license and pay him $34. Bringing the grand total for this wedding to $74. How can some people spend $10K+??

Exciting!! Okay, now get back to SPF (below)!

Stuff Portrait Friday: Pairs

Today’s SPF assignment from Kristine was all about pairs. Okay.

Something I have two of: That was easy, of course I picked the kitties! I have a million pictures of them together that I could have recycled, but I really wanted to take a new one for SPF. Of course, they’re still not totally getting along yet, so it was kind of hard to get them both in one shot. But if you look closely, you can see the two of them.

Something I wish I had two more of: I get these things at Trader Joe’s and they are like, the most addictive snack food ever. I buy a couple bags at a time and I’m lucky if they last me a week! So this was the last bag I had on hand (“was,” because I finished them last night), so I could do with a couple more.

“Two”: A big ol’ number two from the box my sewing machine came in.

And one bonus picture… since we’re talking about pairs… Here’s me in that new pair of glasses I’ve been mentioning!

Wedding, Kitties, Sleepy!, Glasses

Maybe we’re not actually going to be married next door to the Wawa. The judge had told GG that he was free the morning of June 6th, and would call him back to confirm, but it’s been a couple of days now and GG hasn’t heard anything – and he’s tried calling the judge himself a couple times. So he tried calling the next judge on our list, and was again promised a call back. Ugh.

We both have our rings now – his arrived yesterday.

Also, I think the kitties are getting to be friends again. While I was taking my usual nap before band yesterday, they both curled up with me on the sofa. As usual, Katrina snuggled up near my head, and Ivan was by my legs. What cuties! Also, there’s one chair in our dining room that Katrina always sleeps on, and when I came home yesterday, Ivan was on it! They’re sharing!

Soooo sleepy… I haven’t gotten enough sleep lately. Tuesday night I was up crafting, and last night was band. Hopefully tonight I can get some more sleep, or at least longer pre-bedtime naps!

One last thing: I wore my new glasses to a meeting yesterday, where I sat towards the back of the room and had to read stuff projected on the screen at the front. Usually I can’t read a word in these situations. With the glasses, I saw everything perfectly! It was amazing! Not only that, but I didn’t have any bit of a headache when I got home. In fact, my head actually felt good. Hooray for glasses!