Going Green with “Unpaper”

Today I read this blog post on going paper towel free, and I definitely think we could do this. We hardly ever use napkins, first of all, so it wouldn’t be hard to switch from paper to cloth. And the non-paper towels look great if you just have a bunch to rotate through. GG said he would like to continue using paper towels for his painting work, and I’d like to use them to pick up cat puke so the whole thing could just be thrown away… But other than that, I’d love to be a paper towel-free household! We could even take that stupid paper towel holder off the wall…

The Etsy shop linked in the post is sold out at the moment, but I found many more who sell (even specialize) in the birdseye cotton towels – search for “reusable paper towels” or “unpaper towels.” I’m just bought a bunch today! (If I had a serger I’d make my own…)

However… I don’t think we’re ready to make a family cloth-level commitment…

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  1. We have been paper towel free for about 3 years now. It is so simple. I bought a bunch of rags at IKEA for like 49 cents each and we keep them under the sink. I just toss them in the load of whites with some bleach when they get gross and there you go!

    We do keep some paper towels on hand for cat puke, yes. But other than that, I would say we buy about 1 roll every 5 or 6 months.

    I commissioned somebody on etsy to make my cloth napkins. I wanted them to be smaller than dinner napkins, so they are “cocktail” size. The only hitch is, when we have parties we buy paper. But I believe we’ve had the same package of napkins (for parties) since 2007 though!

    You can do it!

  2. that’s a great idea. we have paper towels all the time but they last forever. We don’t use them for everyday stuff like drying hands or cleaning the counter…just special cleaning or when I paint.
    the family cloth is kind of disturbing…i wouldn’t want to wash anything else in my washer if i had to wash something like that a couple times a week….you have to be REALLY really “green” and what do you do if you have a get together? Not everybody would be up for wiping with a random cloth that had been used before…even if it was washed…

  3. Yeah, we don’t really use paper towel just to dry our hands or whatever, but I do use them a lot for cleaning, wiping up big spills, etc. I think I’m nervous to use my “nice” towels to clean stuff. Hopefully now that I’ll have a ton of cheap ones, I won’t feel so bad about it. We also plan to use them for napkins!

    I’m sure that people who do “family cloth” would put that stuff away if they have guest over (at least, I hope so). People I’ve read who do it do say they’ll keep a roll of TP for guests, and also they usually only use the cloth for #1, if you get my drift… But one of the things I read made a good point: if a kid wets their bed or clothes, you’d wash that stuff and then use it again, so it’s kind of the same idea with the cloths.

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