The Past Two Weeks (or, The Jefferson Server Sucks)

So… apparently my web server crashed a couple days ago and they had to restore everything from their most recent backup, which was about two weeks ago, which means that I’ve lost the last week and a half of blog entries because who backs up their blog locally? Not me. So to summarize the past two weeks:

On Saturday, June 24, GG and I went to MB and Alan’s wedding and it was fantastic, she looked beautiful, and I did a giant write-up of it that is now gone forever.

On Monday, June 26, our friend the Jilted Groom came by to show us photos from his trip to a Colorado dude ranch (where he went instead of going on his honeymoon!) and shared lots of amusing stories, which I summarized here and are now gone forever.

On Wednesday, June 28, it took me hours to do a couple of local errands and get home from work because roads were closed due to massive flooding – in fact, my own road was closed because a few blocks from our house had flooded and been evacuated. Luckily, our house was totally fine and dry (even the basement).

On Thursday, June 29, I worked from home while we had a new tub liner installed by Re-Bath. The work guys did an excellent job, I’m definitely into the new shower, it’s like being in a hotel, except all our shampoo is there! That same day, my mom and brother came over to celebrate his 19th birthday with pizza and cake.

On Monday, July 3, I came to work and it was crazy because most people were taking a 4-day weekend so it was like a ghost town. I met Saucy for lunch because she was home visiting (she moved to Texas), and that was nice. That night I had a nice long chat online with TJ.

On Tuesday, July 4, my band performed at Longwood Gardens – luckily, the rain stopped long enough for us to be able to perform outside. We didn’t get to go to any fireworks displays, but we did see about ten of them on the drive home.

I’ll keep trying to see if I can find a cached version of my old entries somewhere, but I doubt it. In the meantime, let me know if you need to know about something I didn’t mention here…

[Edit – 8:23 AM] Oh apparently my company is blocking flickr now – awesome. [/Edit]

3 comments on “The Past Two Weeks (or, The Jefferson Server Sucks)

  1. At my old job at National Semiconductor, they used to block sites, and I found there was one major loophole to all these filters: translator sites like Babelfish and Google Translator, which serve as a proxy to the site they’re translating. So you could go to, and then translate a page from Japanese to English, and viola! It could still block images and CSS style sheets, so things may not look correct, but if you’re trying to read text off a blocked site, this is the easiest way. The reason I suggest translating Japanese to English is because you do have to translate from one language to another, and it probably won’t find any Japanese characters to translate, leaving the already English text intact.

  2. Clever idea. I can do the same thing also by Googling a site and viewing the cached version. But for something like flickr, viewing without images would be kind of pointless. At least we have DSL at home now…

  3. Blocking! Flickr! Outrageous! Many times it has crossed my mind that I would probably be 10x more productive if such sites were blocked at work…however, I would probably never show up.

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