Set up the new wireless router when I got home from my concert last night. The antenna on this one isn’t broken. Now the wireless signal GG’s computer is picking up has gone from “very weak” to off-the-chart strong! Yay!

Tonight we’re putting air in my tires, and also I need to buy a music stand (even though that doesn’t have to be tonight, I won’t be in another concert until July 4th), and I want some sort of placemat maybe to put under the cats’ food dishes, and one of those plastic containers you can put 10 lbs. of dry cat food in, and we need ant traps for the area where the cats’ food was until last night (ants!), and I want some sort of shoe shelf thing I can put in my closet on the floor, and still be able to sit stuff on top of. So, probably a busy night.

Yeah, ants have slowly been taking over the cats’ food area. It started out that I’d occasionally see one or two wandering around near the food, and I’d step on them. Then sometimes the cats would knock a piece of kibble out of their dish, and there would be maybe 5-10 ants on it, and I’d sweep them up with a paper towel. Last night I came home and there were ants everywhere, all over their dishes, in the food dish, floating dead in the water dish… ugh! And the cats were freaking out like, “Hey, there’s ants in our food! Fix it, we’re hungry little fatties!” So I dumped everything, moved their dishes into the kitchen, and cleaned up the whole ant-y area with a bleach wipe thing.

They’re building a new office in my office… that is… there was a kind of big room they were calling a “workroom,” and they built a wall in the middle of it and put in a second door and now it’s going to be two offices, with five people in each… which will be sucky and crowded for whoever’s going in there… but anyway they’ve been working on that for the past week or two, and there’s all sorts of weird noises and smells as they build and paint and do whatever.

MB is getting married on Saturday, OMG!

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