DSL, Williamsburg, Father’s Day

I am in love with DSL. It is dangerous. Also, now that GG and I can be online at the same time, we will probably never see each other again. On Saturday we were IMing each other, and we were in adjacent rooms!

We’re planning a trip to Williamsburg, VA in September, a couple weeks after Labor Day (i.e., no kids). Neither of us has been there for a long time. I don’t know how old he was the last time he went, but I was in 7th grade the first, and only, time I was there. I found a website that offers package deals to get into the Colonial town, a couple other historic places, a Williamsburg Winery tour, and the hotel… For five days and four nights, it is under $400 for two adults! Awesome! So I’m looking forward to that. Also, we have to get down to GG’s parents’ ice cream parlour in Chincoteague sometime this summer. They’re leaving today to spend the summer down there, so anytime now is fair game. (I do not want to go the week of Pony Penning, though. We did that last year, and everything was just way too crowded. I don’t need that again. Also, it’s hot and humid down there – July is not ideal to visit.)

So yesterday was Father’s Day, which I’ve never really “celebrated” before, but since I’m married now, we went to GG’s parents’ and gave his dad some presents. I got him a licorice soap from Bathing in Luxury, and we also got him a tool bag. (He just won a $1000 shopping spree at this hardware store, so it seemed appropriate to get him something to keep his new stuff in.) GG and his dad and I went to Fresh Fields to buy food to grill, and ended up getting some of those pre-assembled kebobs. It was a very nice dinner, except we ate outside and there were way too many bugs out there. Also, lots and lots of wine…

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