Fluffy Kitties!

We finally got everything sorted out with the band website, switched all the files over, and set up the new listserv. As of yesteray. This whole ordeal took nearly a week. But at least it’s done!

In other internet news, we’re getting wireless DSL next week!! We picked up wireless NIC adapters for our PCs last night at Circuit City. (Yes, we both have desktop PCs, but it’s easier to just go wireless so we don’t have to run wires all over the house, especially since GG’s office will be moving down to the basement at some point.)

After Circuit City last night, we went to Petsmart to look at the kitties, as we often do. There are two beautiful long-haired cats there, Tugger and Pouncer. They’ve been there a couple weeks now. They are huge, with giant paws and enormous heads, and they are gorgeous. A couple wanted to take them, but their application was turned down because one of the cats they already had didn’t have its shots or something! So everyone’s very sad, because they’re just too big to be in the cage, and they’re not doing so well. I want to just pick them up and snuggle them! Seriously, they’re like the size of small children!

Also, I got my sewing machine working again last night! You didn’t know it was broken, but it was. And I fixed it.

The last of our wedding photos are now online. Check them out!

Okay, this was all over the place! Half day at work today!!

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