Blog Update and More Happy Reviews

At some point last night, something happened to this blog. I don’t know what, but it was totally inaccessible today – all that displayed was the title graphic and the background. So I spent my entire night tonight setting up new mySQL databases, installing and upgrading WordPress (finally I’m on version 3.0 – quite a jump from 2.0.4 that I was on before!), importing all my data, and then ironing out all the little kinks (for example, somehow all my posts tagged “Cats” were re-categorized as “Blogroll”). After all that, you, the reader, shouldn’t even be able to tell anything changed. I am enjoying the admin side of WP 3.0, though I think I will eventually need to change to a different theme, though, because this one isn’t really 3.0-friendly. I mean, it works okay now, but no widgets. (And I followed the directions to make a theme widget-ready or whatever, but it just gave me error messages.)

However, the outage has prevented you from hearing about our flea scare (no, we don’t have fleas here), and probably also my copious weekend plans. But I’m sure you’ll hear all about that after it’s over.

Now here’s a couple reviews of things I’ve tried recently…

Tovolo Yellow Groovy Pop Molds: As soon as it got hot this summer (which was, like, May?), I started looking for popsicle molds because I thought they’d be a nice treat to cool off. When we went to People’s Pops in NYC, it just intensified my desire to find these (which of course are one of those things you always see in stores, until you want some, and then you can’t find them). So I ordered these online, and I’m very happy with them. Usually popsicle molds are one unit, like an ice cube tray, and you stick the handles in the top. These are actually individual molds that sit very securely in a little yellow tray. So you can take out just one and run it under water to loosen it, without melting the whole batch. The first couple flavors I tried were just things I happened to have at home, and they were okay, but not very good. Then I made a fruit salad (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and peach) and put the leftovers in the blender, and those were the best popsicles yet! I have some apricots on deck, and my next popsicles will attempt to replicate the Apricot Chamomile flavor I had at People’s Pops (maybe with a berry tea instead of chamomile).

Warner’s Invisible Bliss Bra: Stop reading here if you think talking about bras is TMI. Okay, you may know that I’ve been looking for new bras for like two years now. Victoria’s Secret had some nice ones, but they stopped making them. Then I thought they had them again, but the new version totally sucked. And also they’d mis-measured me. So I gave up on them and started seeking out a new brand. I just wanted nice smooth bras, without lace/bows/etc., with good support and molded cups. On a recent trip to TJ Maxx I swung past the lingerie rack and almost passed these by, but I ended up taking one to try on. Oh my gosh, it’s like a miracle. First of all, so supportive. But also extremely comfortable. Very smooth, they say they use “Invisible Edge Technology,” which is like an elastic band that goes around the edges and then becomes the straps. The straps do not adjust, which so far is not a problem for me. I imagine after a lot of use they might just stretch out? But it’s so nice to not have to re-adjust them in the morning, because usually by the end of the day my straps would have extended themselves. Also, no tags. Yet another annoying thing to not have to deal with. The straps don’t fall down, and the underwire doesn’t ride up. So comfy to wear all day. I grabbed a whole handful when I was at TJ Maxx (they’re like 1/3 of their retail price there).

2 comments on “Blog Update and More Happy Reviews

  1. I have this same bra too.

    And Victoria’s Secret has ONE style that I like but they quit making…however, my friend (who is an employee at corporate) gets me any stragglers they have at their annual sample sale.

    I swear, we are on the same page on a lot of stuff!

  2. LOL! We need to get together! I’ve been kind of mad at VS for a while now, actually – in addition to discontinuing my favorite style (twice!), their sizes are weird and apparently inconsistent, their catalog and web site are a different entity than the stores… I could go on. I only ever started shopping there because I thought they could measure me and I’d get “good” bras, but that hasn’t really been the case.

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