Lazy Holiday Weekend

Because of our new distribution of holidays at work this year, our site had a 4-day weekend this week. Independence Day is today, Sunday, and we have off Friday and Monday. Since most people seem to only have Monday off, I decided to take advantage of my Friday by going out and doing some shopping I had been putting off. (Me? Putting off shopping? Yes. I was just too tired to go after work any evening.) I just went out in the morning/early afternoon, and then spent the rest of the day at home. One of my stops was Plato’s Closet, where I attempted to sell two large bags of clothes. The took one thing, for which I earned $2.80. Hardly worth the gas it took to drive down there.

On Saturday I wanted to go to the mall early, which I did, but while I was getting ready in the morning I heard this rustling sound outside. I looked out the window and in our neighbor’s yard I saw a white cat watching as a giant groundhog wrestled with a sheet of plastic, before tearing part of it off and running away! (I saw the same groundhog come back for more plastic later.)

The cat is behind the bushes here – he was out in the open until I got my camera, of course.

Here’s the groundhog with his big plastic bag.

And here he is running away. I wonder how he compares size-wise to Ivan!

Last night my family got together to celebrate my brother’s birthday, since he was home for the weekend. I got him a DVD of Dead Snow, which seems totally up his alley (zombies and history?!), and a Mr. Rogers card, which he loved. I always worry about the things I get people for gifts, but I guess I usually choose pretty well.

My mom had mentioned she might want to go out with me today, but then she decided to go to the pool or do paperwork or something, so I’ve been bored. My big excitement was going to Bed Bath & Beyond and doing my food shopping for the week. Oh well, I still have one more day of vacation to go!

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  1. I took a crapload of stuff to Plato’s too and they bought NOTHING! However, Clothes Mentor was extremely impressed with my junk and gave me $30 for it!

    • I wish I knew of another consignment type place near me! I know there must be one… Instead, I’m going to try selling some of this stuff on eBay – free listings until July 12! Some of these things are NWT..!

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