The Runaround

Two big runarounds I’ve been in lately:

Remember the Saturday before last when I chipped my tooth at the fair? I had it fixed on Monday, and when I went to bed Monday night, I discovered that my retainer (which I wear at night and which doubles as a night guard so I don’t grind my teeth and get headaches all the time) didn’t fit over my tooth, because it’s now a little thicker. I called the dentist Wednesday and got an appointment for the following Monday (yesterday) to have them shave a little of the bonding off the back of my tooth. I went in yesterday, sat in the chair, and brought out my retainer. The dentist was like, “Oh no, we don’t like to mess with the bonding once it’s hardened, and we don’t like to mess with your retainer from your orthodontist. You’ll need to go to the orthodontist and have them re-fit the retainer for you.” If they had told me that when I scheduled the appointment (and I told them exactly what I wanted when I called to schedule!), I could have saved a week and just gone to the orthodontist. I called the ortho as soon as I left the dentist, and got an appointment for Thursday, though they thought it was weird that the dentist wouldn’t just scrape off a little of the bonding from the back of my tooth. Sigh.

This next one is even worse. My band’s website is hosted for free by one of our members. He also runs our e-mail listserv for free. He recently sold his internet company, so we needed to find a new host for the band website and mailing list. No problem, I and the other web guy in band agreed on a host we’d used before, and they provide a pretty good mailing list service as part of their package. I purchased a hosting package from them on Friday, and got an e-mail from them saying that they wanted to phone me and verify my purchase, and when was a good time to call? I e-mailed back with my available time, and got an auto-reply that the e-mail address I had just written to no longer accepts incoming messages, due to a large amount of spam! So I called their 800-number support line, which is basically a voicemail system, and left a message. Then I got an e-mail from them that just restated everything I had said in my message! It said to log into their service center, but I couldn’t log in, so I called the 800-number again and left a message about that. This was happening all weekend! Many phone calls and e-mails later, I guess they finally believed that I am a real person who is trying to get their website hosted, and sent me my account activation e-mail. Except, it didn’t have any information in it! All the information on where to upload files, the IP number, etc. was blank! So I had to submit another ticket to their helpdesk. I finally got all the information I needed, but I wasn’t able to transfer the files from our old website because I was trying to do it from behind all the firewalls and whatnot at work, and everything kept timing out. Luckily, the other band guy was able to do it for me. Then I went to set up our new mailing list, so when our current list and website go away, the new ones will be ready. Well, I can’t change the list setup or add subscribers until the nameserver information has been changed to the new host, but I don’t want to change the nameserver stuff until the new mailing list is ready! So right now I’m in limbo, waiting to hear from our current host if our mailing list will at least be available after the website is redirected. Though it doesn’t matter right now, because although all our files have been uploaded to the new host, you can’t see them when you go to the IP address… so that’s another service ticket I submitted today!

Sorry, I’m sure that was incredibly boring… I just had to share.

By the way, it’s been a week and we’re still married! I have to post a photo of all the cards we’ve received, it’s really amazing, considering we only told like two people… (Thanks, D!)

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