Married Life

So everyone has been asking me, “How’s married life?” Well guys, we’ve only been married for like five days now, but I have to say that married life is… pretty much exactly the same as living together life. Except now we wear rings.

GG said the sweetest thing to me on Wednesday night: “One day down, the rest of our lives to go.” Awwww..!

Also, today was our first band concert of the summer, and it was very windy (we were playing outside) and pretty early on in the concert, my music stand sort of blew over and collapsed, and music went everywhere and it probably hit people on the way down. So now I definitely have an excuse to get a new music stand this week!

[Edit – 7:54 PM] I just upgraded to WordPress v 2.0.2 (finally!), so please let me know if anything seems out-of-the-ordinary as you browse around my blog. Thanks! [/Edit]

One comment on “Married Life

  1. Haven’t checked out your blog in awhile. (don’t want to be the creepy trumpet player from the band. – too late – you say!)

    Anyhow, congratulations! I know it’s corny, but I remember this cute little girl joining our band and watching you grow up and now you’re married. It’s just really cool. I checked out the pics – very lovely and a great smile on your face.

    Bummed I don’t have time to do band. Windy days are such a challenge, but fun. Yeah, get a heavier stand with wide legs. Pain to carry, but much better outside.

    Congrats again, I’m so happy for you guys.

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