A White Roof is a Green Roof

After the Snowpocalypse this winter, with its ice dams and leaking walls and all that, I called my favorite roofer to see if he’d be able to seal our roof (he’d kind of mentioned this when I called him about the dams). He came over and climbed up on the roof and said it was actually in pretty good shape, and had probably been replaced in the last ten years. But there were problems with the metal stuff around the edges, and where the gutters connect to the downspouts, and that’s probably what caused the leaks.

So last week we had all that replaced, and they also sealed everything by giving us a white roof. GG had actually wanted to do that for a while, so he was really excited that the roofer recommended it. I guess we’ll see for sure how it works this summer – hopefully the house will be noticably cooler!

Also while they were up there, the roofers removed the giant antenna that came with the house. I’d thought it was a radio antenna and asked around to some local radio groups if they knew what it was and if anyone would want it, but we actually found out that it was for TV and nobody would want it. So they just broke it up and we’ll put it out in the trash this week. Yay! That thing made me so nervous – I was always afraid it would eventually blow off in the wind and fall onto a car!

Farewell, giant antenna!

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