PSP SP10 Induction

This past weekend was really nice. On Saturday, MB and A came out for the day. GG took A, who is a huge beer fan and makes his own beer, to Monk’s and McGillin’s, where they met up with his brother and another friend. Then they came home (via train!) and had more beer!

Meanwhile, MB and I went out to our alma mater for PSP’s induction ceremony. There was a new addition to my lineage this semester, which makes her my great-great-great-great-grandlittle! At the ceremony, I was the second oldest Brother there (the oldest was significantly older, though, he joined in the early 80s). One of the current brothers asked when I joined the fraternity, and when I told her 2001 she said, “Oh, I was in 6th grade then.” Eeek, I am old! After the ceremony, we had some time to kill, so MB and I checked out some spots on campus (the SMC, the art building, the dining hall, etc.). There’s lots of construction going on. We also drove over to our old house, which apparently has some children living in it now.

Later we met up with a bunch of the Brothers for dinner at Ruby Tuesday. (Half the fraternity was going to Ichiban, but my great-great-great-grandlittle doesn’t like Japanese food, so the other half went to Ruby Tuesday, which was fine with me.) We had a very large group, so we ended up at different tables, but actually it was really cool because my table was my whole lineage (minus one, who is away at grad school), another older Brother who I at least knew who she was, and another Brother who is a “cousin” of our lineage.

It might be about time for me to stop coming to activities like this, because I felt really awkward about being the oldest one there, and felt like I was the creepy older Brother who hangs around. (Though my grandlittle kept telling me: “You may be older, but you’re not creepy.” Aww, thanks dude.) Anyway, it was really fun and good to see everyone and see how the fraternity is doing. And it was nice to spend a bunch of one-on-one time with my MB!

Oh yeah, I got another quote on Overheard in the Office! Speaking of the office, we’re having a birthday party in ours right now, so I’m going to head over there…

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