Things I have done recently:

  • Tried two new recipes out of Real Simple – one was really basic but good, one looked weird on paper and was weird in real life too.
  • Ordered a pair of Skechers Shape-Ups – and I will try to go for walks regularly, too!
  • Got a suspicious bump sliced off of me, as well as more of a suspicious bump that had already been sliced off last month – good thing my dermatologist is such a nice person, since I’ve been seeing so much of her!
  • Started flossing my teeth every time I brush in an effort to impress the dentist at my appointment today – I usually do this for about a week before a dentist appointment, then go back to my usual flossing habits.
  • Sat very still to remain comfortable in our very hot house this week – luckily, it should cool off in the next couple days, because I refuse to set up the air conditioners in April!
  • Got our cable bill lowered just by calling the company and asking to reduce the bill – no change to our service! (I should have done that a lot sooner, but every month I put it off.)
  • Realized last night that I could name all the Duggar children in age order.

2 comments on “Recently…

  1. I am curious to hear what you think about those Sketchers. We got a notice at our gym that they are banned for fitness instructors to wear because it causes you to over-pronounce your step–which is what helps you “shape up.” But when you are teaching high-impact stuff, it can cause you to get injured!

  2. I like them. No, I wouldn’t wear them for dancing around or anything like that, but for just walking I think they’re great. They come with a little instruction book that says to wear them for just 25-45 minutes the first few times, but I wore them for longer than that, and did a lot of walking the first day, and had no pain problems at all. (I was slightly worried because most of the reviews online are awesome, but the bad ones say that they caused leg and ankle pain.) I’m trying to just wear them as much as I can, out running errands and stuff, because a friend of mine said she just wore them around without doing any extra exercise, and noticed a difference just from that. Maybe I’ll have to write a full review post about them…

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