The Wedding

So, I guess everyone has been waiting with baited breath for a recap of yesterday! Here you go!

We got up, bla bla, it was a regular boring morning, I fed the cats, etc. Family members started arriving around 10:30, dropped off some gifts at our house, and took some pictures. Around 10:45, we all walked across the street to the courthouse.

Now here is the one part of the day that I wish had gone differently: I really wish we had been able to meet with the judge beforehand, to discuss things like where to stand, what he was going to say, how to pronounce my name… As it was, I introduced myself to him moments before going into the courtroom. When we got there, he was like, “Oh just stand wherever you want,” and it ended up that GG and I were in the front of the room, our families were sitting in the seats, and the judge was standing between us and our families, kind of off to one side, so I had to turn around to see him. The whole thing was very awkward, GG and I ended up standing kind of far apart, we didn’t know what to do with our hands or when to do the rings anything else. Oh and the judge could not say my name for anything! Every time he said it, my family kind of giggled. But it was over quickly! And the vows and things that he read were very nice.

Then everyone walked back to our place for champagne (we somehow ended up with four bottles! Plus one more as a gift!) and presents. We now have just about everything that was on our registry – and plenty of Target gift cards, so we can get whatever was left. There were also some sweet extras, like a box of brownie mix to go with the pan my grandmother got me, and a pair of beautiful Lenox champagne flutes from my mom and brother!

After all that, it was time for lunch. Everyone piled into cars, and we drove to the Hibachi restaurant. With nine of us there, we had a whole table to ourselves. My mom mentioned to the chef and the waiter that GG and I had just gotten married, but luckily they didn’t do anything special/stupid. We just had a very nice lunch, and then took some more pictures of the group in the restaurant lobby.

Everyone left from there, since going back to our place would have been counter-productive for everyone else. So GG and I just went home and started cleaning everything up and putting things away. We set up our new hose (with 7-way nozzle attachment!) and GG washed his car off. Then we had a nap for about an hour, before heading into the city for GG’s open mic night!

The comedy club was a lot of fun, apparently he’d told most of the other comedians about his plans, so they were all congratulating us and stuff. He even worked it into his act a little, and showed off his ring. He did really well, but he performed pretty late in the show (which is a good thing!), and by the time he was finished, I was dying of a headache. So we left a little early. When we got home, I fell asleep on the sofa for a little bit, before going up to bed. So Sharkey, I was asleep on the couch at 11:20 last night ;o)

And now I’m back at work, and everyone’s been congratulating me, and it’s all very nice, but I’m kind of glad the whole thing is over. Besides the ring, nothing’s really changed.

4 comments on “The Wedding

  1. Congrats! It totally sounds like the perfect day. Soooooo you mentioned you took all these pictures. Where are they?!?!?

  2. Most of the photos are on my mom’s disposable camera. (I know, I know.) I have some on my digital camera, but haven’t had time yet to get them onto the computer. Maybe tonight after band practice, or tomorrow sometime.

  3. Yay! Congrats! I was so checking back here every hour yesterday to look for an update. heh I wanna see pictures too!

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