Wedding Countdown ’06!

Another late morning – I had to hang out at home for a while to help GG corral Ivan into the cat carrier for his trip to the vet today (teeth cleaning). So I got to work late again. Today was supposed to be the first half-day of the year, but because I was an hour and a half late today, and two and a half hours late yesterday, I’m going to try to make up all four hours today. Which means I’ll be leaving at a normal time. And also that GG has to pick Ivan up when he’s ready this afternoon.

Tonight we are kicking off our pre-wedding weekend by going out for a nice dinner at one of our favorite Old City places, Serrano. Then we’ll be seeing Animocity Pierre perform at The Five Spot. The fun continues tomorrow when my mom and I go together for manicures and pedicures. Sunday is the band anniversary party, Monday we pay the judge, and Tuesday is 666!

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