The Longest Weekend Ever

I feel like I’m coming to the end of a super long weekend. So many things have happened, so I’ll just do a little run-down…

  • Snowpocalypse II: It did snow again. And snowed, and snowed, and snowed… It started Tuesday night, and didn’t end until Wednesday afternoon. GG and I went out early on Wednesday to shovel, so we wouldn’t have to do two feet at once when it finished snowing. It was pretty futile, though. Both our workplaces closed for the day, so we camped out on the sofa and watched movies. It was a nice day inside together. By Thursday morning a lot of highways were closed, so my office was once again shut down, but I still worked from home. (I don’t think my office has ever been closed before – let alone two days in a row! This was historic!) We went out that morning and shoveled for real. It was the worst shoveling experience of my life. We absolutely have nowhere to put any more snow. I had to dig my car out of a snow drift. We can barely get in and out of the driveway between the snow piles on either side. Yeah, climate change sucks.

    My car was in this

    Our canyon pass – AKA driveway
  • Toilet Trouble: I went back to work on Friday, which was one of the longest, craziest days I’ve had at work in a long time. GG left for work in the afternoon before I got home. That was the last time the toilet was known to have worked. Later that night, I heard the toilet run on its own for a few seconds, which it never does. And the next time it was flushed after that, the tank never refilled, it just made this hissing sound. In order to get the hissing to stop, we filled the tank with buckets of water from the bathtub. I was kind of nervous about flushing this way, not to mention that it was a total pain, so we tried to avoid using the toilet at home as much as possible. The plumber came this morning, replaced some hoses and parts, and everything is good now!
  • Fire and Ice: On Saturday we went out to Lititz to go to their 5th annual Fire and Ice Festival with some friends. I was under the impression that this was a combination chili cook-off and ice sculpture event, hence “fire” and “ice.” But actually I think the “fire” part happened the night before, because they had fire breathers on the streets of town! But anyway, we missed that part. So we went to the chili cook-off and ate a ton of chili (I actually didn’t try the last few samples, because I just couldn’t look at another cup of chili). Then we walked around and looked at the ice sculptures. Most of them were roped off or otherwise untouchable, but some of them you could sit on or interact with.

    GG rides his ice dolphincycle
  • The Drips: I’d been worrying about all the snow on our roof, because our roof isn’t flat but it isn’t really pitched, and there’s still quite a bit up there. As I feared, we’ve developed some leaks. One of the front windows upstairs has a leak under it, dripping down the wall and soaking the carpet. And the window directly below that, in the living room, also has a few drippy spots. This just started yesterday. When everything froze up again last night and the dripping stopped, I used some sealant on the cracks, which seemed to help a little, but the water just finds new ways in. I currently have a series of buckets and containers lined up across the living room window sill to catch the drips there. Upstairs is harder, because it’s just running down the wall, so you can’t really catch it in a bucket. And it seems like the more you touch it (like trying to dry off the wall), the worse it gets. So I just put some plastic over the carpet and I’m leaving it alone until it dries up again tonight and I can try some more sealant.
  • Valentine’s Day: Well, the day itself was kind of boring. GG went to work and I did some errands and visited people. Then we went out for dinner at Marly’s, which I ate at once before and GG had never been to. It was awesome. The food was so good, I had my leftovers for breakfast this morning because I couldn’t stop thinking about how good it was! The restaurant is BYOB, so we brought some Lindemans Framboise. I don’t usually drink, so I was really sleepy when we got home and I just conked out on the couch for a bit while GG watched TV. Super romantic.
  • President’s Day: I have the day off work for the holiday today, but some of our sites were still open and stuff had to get done, so I had to work a little bit this morning. Then the plumber came. Then I went out to get some things, but nobody has the stuff I want. Home Depot doesn’t have any tools for removing snow from your roof, and I couldn’t find any slippers I liked at the mall. So now I’m sitting at home, being slowly driven insane by the drip, drip, drip…

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