I thought we were going out to lunch today to see Jen, who’s been out on maternity leave for the past month, and her daughters. However, when we got there, there were a lot more people I was expecting, and Julie was like, “Surprise, this is for you!” They threw me a wedding shower! It was all my work friends, and my boss, and my boss’ boss (the only man there). So we had a very nice lunch, and we did get to visit with Jen and her kids, and they even bought some gifts from our registry! (Plus a Target gift card, so we can go back and get whatever people didn’t already give us!) It was very sweet of them, and now of course I will be sending out thank you notes to everyone.

That was a good way to cheer up my sucky day!

Oh plus, GG and his dad got my car running and drove it to NTB, and they replaced the battery, and he’s on his way to get me right now! Yay!

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