Last night, GG and his friend and I went to a concert at the Trocadero. (I’d never been to the Troc before.) I’m not sure what genre I’d put the whole event into… I guess “progressive metal.” I would say the audience was like 98% male metal fans. The nerdy kind who are into all that technical stuff, not the violent kind. Then the other 2% of the audience was made up of more heavy metal fans and girls. I didn’t really belong there at all.

There were four bands, two of which GG wanted to see, and one I wanted to see. First up was Scale the Summit. I guess they were okay, but they do instrumental music, and as GG pointed out, if you’re not going to have lyrics, you need some sort of “hook” or catchy melody. They did not have this. Each song was mostly just a couple chords. I mean, they did it well, but I would never remember or recognize their music.

Next was the Devin Townsend Project. GG was very excited about this guy, and he’s been trying to get me to watch his videos on YouTube and stuff, but I’m just not into it. Not surprisingly, I was not into it live, either. But I have to say, that freaky looking bald guy can sing! (He really looks just like the guy who plays Frex in Wicked, and I was thinking, if he ever wanted to give up his various bands for a while, he could definitely hold his own on Broadway!)

Finally, Cynic took the stage. You may remember that their album “Traced in Air” was on my Best of 2009 list (but only got an Honorable Mention, since you can’t really sing along with it). They were so good! They ended up playing pretty much everything on “Traced in Air,” as well as an older song and a new one (new album coming out?!). GG mentioned later that Paul Masvidal was so quiet and nerdy, and I was like, “Really? Um, he was performing with his death metal band in front of a sold-out audience! I don’t think he’s shy or nerdy.” (He also agreed with me that Masvidal is a handsome man, and said he’d understand if I left him for the Cynic frontman, but he should remember his real competition is my imaginary boyfriend John Mulaney.) Anyway, they were really great and they played “King of Those Who Know,” the prettiest death metal song ever, so that made my night.

Believe it or not, this is the better of two pictures I took of Cynic.

We walked out on the last band – the headliner! – Between the Buried and Me. I’d never even heard of them, and GG was offended that they were “bigger” than Cynic (Cynic is pretty much the granddaddy of technical death metal). I think the people behind us were glad to see us go, GG was really annoying. But there were other people annoying us (smoking in the non-smoking theater, etc.), so it all evens out. The three of us, plus two more friends we met up with at the show, went to a nearby Vietnamese restaurant for a late dinner. I am definitely a fan of their fried spring rolls, but so far I’ve never had better than at Little Saigon.

Oh, and I have to add, GG is such a music geek! Listening to him talk to his friends and everyone about equipment and bands and stuff, wow. He knows a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff. (I’ve always been impressed by how he can participate in any converstaion on anything: music; movies; politics; sports, even!)

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  1. Well they were the headliners and most of the crowd seemed excited to see them, so they must be good. I’ve never heard of them, but then that’s not at all my scene. And GG and his other metal nerd friends weren’t at all interested. Maybe we’re too old. (Well, I’m your age. But the guys are all in their 30s.)

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