Phone, Hair, AVG

After playing with it for a while, I changed my mind about the Samsung Comeback. It is pretty chunky and ugly, and the QWERTY keyboard inside was really small and hard to type on (even for me!). But I was checking out the Gravity, and I think that might be the way I go. I can’t believe I’m looking at phones with QWERTY keyboards! Next thing you know, I’ll be getting a smartphone or something with a touchscreen! I told the girl at the store I’d be back on Thursday (she’s helped me twice, so I promised I’d buy from her), so I need to make up my mind by then!

Oh but the real reason I was out tonight was because I was getting a haircut. Here’s my before, and here’s my after. Not as short as I usually go for my annual haircut – it’s just below my chin. The girl I like at Supercuts wasn’t there, but this other nice girl did my hair instead, and I like it. It definitely needed to be chopped, it was starting to get too long and was just hanging there.

And good news, AVG seems to have solved my computer problems! It found that Trojan that messed up McAfee, as well as a bunch of other stuff McAfee never found! So now my next mission: get some sort of refund for McAfee (I paid for two years on three computers, and I’m only going to end up using it on one).

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