Money I Need to Spend

A few places my money will probably be going in the near future:

  • Vitamix: The most awesome blender ever. Nobody has anything bad to say about this machine. You can make smoothies, peanut butter, soup, even ice cream in this thing! But, it’s over $400. So I gave myself a couple weeks to think it over. I decided that if I had some cool-off time and I still wanted one, I’d order it. I still want it. So, probably this week I’ll place my order.
  • Samsung Comeback: It’s time for a new cell phone, and I think I found it. It’s a little clunky looking, but otherwise seems perfect for me. (I’ll miss my nice sleek phone, but it’s a couple years old now, and it’s feeling a little loose when I slide it open. Plus, it randomly turns off sometimes. I’m worried one day it’ll just stop working.)
  • AVG Anti-Virus: Actually, I already bought this one. I got another virus on my computer! I don’t know how this keeps happening, it’s not like I’m downloading stuff or surfing for p0rn or anything, I just go to the same few web sites all the time! Anyway, I seemed to get it all cleared up, but one little bit of something was left behind and McAfee wasn’t functioning correctly, so I tried to uninstall and reinstall it, but it wouldn’t reinstall. So I’m trying something new, since McAfee obviously doesn’t work anyway! I’ll report back on how it goes.
  • Wedding Gift: We’re going to a wedding in a couple months, so a gift is needed. Plus, I’m sure there’ll be a shower. I’m not complaining, just listing something else I need to pay for.
  • Vacation: I don’t have anything planned, but I have 3.5 more vacation days I have to use up by the end of March, so probably some money will be spent.

I enjoyed my extra-long weekend. I stayed up late on Thursday night, then slept in Friday morning. I cleaned a lot, then went out for a little while before coming home for an afternoon nap. Saturday I mostly waited around at home while GG was out at a funeral. That’s when I picked up the virus, so then the rest of my day was spent trying to take care of that. Saturday night we went to a party, which was fun, but everyone kind of crowded into the basement, where the hosts have a bar. It was loud and very cold down there. GG and I stayed upstairs where we could actually talk to people. On Sunday we went to an annual family lunch type event for GG’s family, at a Mexican restaurant. It was nice… especially since I’ve probably only met some of them twice. And today I had lunch with Jess (and met her new babysitter).

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