Car troubles…

I got ready for work this morning, went outside, got in the car, turned the key, and… nothing. Nothing at all. Woke up GG, he tried starting the car… nothing. Figuring the battery was dead, he pulled his car around to face mine, I got the jumper cables, and popped my hood. There was all this blue crusty stuff on the negative terminal on the battery. GG called his dad, who knows everything about everything. His dad said he should clean the stuff off of there, but no way were we touching that! So I called AAA. They were there in about an hour and a half, and I have to say, the man who came and the people I spoke to on the phone were all as nice as could be, very friendly and helpful. The AAA battery man arrived a little after 8:30 and used some special stuff to clean off the blue crust, which was battery acid. He tried to jump start it, but then he said he could replace it right then. Okay, great! No, wait, he didn’t have the right battery on his truck. So he jumped it and said to let it run for 20 minutes and that should fix it. Then he left. 20 minutes later, the car was still running, I turned it off and then back on, just to make sure it was going to work. Nope, nothing! (Good thing this happened at home, and that I didn’t drive it to work and get stuck there!) Sooo… GG drove me to work, and hopefully today his dad can come by and put in a new battery for me.

So I got to work two hours late, and I really can’t stay late tonight to make up the time, because GG got a stand-up gig tonight! And also, he’s picking me up from work! So I guess I’ll stay late tomorrow, it was supposed to be a half-day anyway, so I can just make up my time then…

Oh, and now I’m at work and the scroll wheel on my mouse is not working for some reason, which is really bugging me! Ugh! [Edit – 10:39 AM] Okay, now the scroll wheel is working again. Weird. [/Edit]

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