Boss, Band, Boots

This week has been totally insane. Mostly because our boss is leaving this week and we’re having a surprise lunch for him today, which I was tasked with organizing, so I’ve been running around every day getting all the food and gifts we needed for him. I will be so happy after today when that’s all over! (But sad, because he’s a good guy and boss, and he’s been really great to me ever since I met him [he got me this job], so I’ll miss him!)

It’s only been two weeks, but I’m not super excited about this season of band. We’re playing all marches for our spring concert, and while they’re all different styles of music (no, it’s not just two hours of Sousa), I’m not really into much of it except for Marche Slave, which is an 11 minute monster of a piece. Also, I’m not really jazzed about the board this year. If this is how it’s going to be for the next two years, I might die.

Oh, and the Bearpaw boots I ordered finally arrived yesterday! I wore them to band last night and they are so comfy and very warm! The only complaint I have is that the sole isn’t really flexible, so I wouldn’t plan on walking long distances or anything. (And of course, it figures, the day they arrive is the day the temperature finally moves out of the freezing range!)

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