Documentary Screening (and Other Recent Events)

Last Thursday, GG and I went to New Hope for a screening of a documentary about the town that we were told featured the mural he did there. It was very exciting, and he’d been talking it up for weeks! From what we’d been told, the producers loved the art and tought it totally embodied the spirit of New Hope and it framed the whole movie and bla bla bla. It sounded impressive! He got in touch with the producer or someone and found out they were having this special dinner and screening event – $45 per person! It was at a restaurant we’d always kind of wanted to try, but never went because I kept reading bad reviews, and there’s so many other wonderful places there to eat.

Anyway, the event started at 6:30, we arrived at 6 and were told that actually everyone was supposed to sit at the bar and we’d all go up to the private room at 7:00. So, okay, mandatory bar time. We sat there and nursed some sodas until some of the movie people got there, and we met the producers and director. They all said how much they loved GG’s painting, but it sounded more like it was in a montage of stuff, than actually “framing” the film. Okay. Finally it was time to head to our private area, which was actually like a small balcony that was open to the main dining room below, so it was a little noisy to be watching a movie. We were served a whole dinner (shrimp and lobster soup, which we didn’t have a choice about so I ate a little, avoiding the larger seafood chunks; I had steak which was pretty all right, with really dry mashed potatoes, and GG had jambalaya that was spicy even for him, and didn’t include any rice, which he expected; and there was creme brulee for dessert that was kind of cold and way too sweet).

At about 9:00, they finally played the movie, which was half an hour long. Parts of it we couldn’t hear because people in the dining room downstairs got louder (so they could speak over the movie playing upstairs?), and there was a lot of stuff with little text on the screen that I couldn’t read. Anyway, there was sort of an opening montage of still photos, and GG’s painting (on an angle, so you couldn’t really tell what it was) was one of them. It was on for maybe half a second, seriously. Afterward, there was a Q&A session with the director, where he basically said that he wanted to tell a bunch of different stories in the film, not just say the same thing over and over – which is weird, because GG and I both felt like all the stories in the documentary just said the same thing over and over. I feel really bad being negative about this movie, because the people who created it are super-nice and I know they worked really hard on it for a long time, but I feel like it had so much potential to be better executed. Oh well.

Also recently: it snowed like an inch on Friday and even though it wasn’t that bad I stayed home from work because how much longer am I going to have the luxury of being able to do that? On Saturday we went to Rob’s graduation party, which was a lot of fun and I think GG was the hit of the event (and may have picked up some new clients for some side-work). I did lots of cleaning and errands on Sunday morning and then just came home and crashed. I finally have stuff to do at work! (Of course, it’s basically undoing the things I’ve been doing for the past five years…)

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