What I Did On My Winter Vacation

Tomorrow I go back to work for the first time in twelve days. What did I do with all my time away from the office?

12/23: I worked from home, taking a little break to take my grandmother out to lunch at the shop where GG’s being working on a mural. I know she enjoyed seeing it in person (it is pretty awesome). We also got to meet the owner’s aunt, who works there, and she told us how they love the mural, too! Also I (foolishly?) went out to the outlets and got a new coat on sale! (Thanks for the Eddie Bauer tip, D – I got one of their coats and love it, it’s exactly what I wanted!)

12/24: After working for a few hours, I cut out a bit early (hey, people in the office were going home early, too!) and did some things around the house. Then GG and I went to his parents’ house for Christmas Eve dinner. We watched “A Christmas Story” (this was probably the first time I saw it almost all the way from beginning to end).

12/25: Christmas was a long, busy day. We started out at home, opening our gifts to each other. Then we went to GG’s parents’ house, where we opened more presents and had a big, hearty breakfast. Then we went to see my family for lunch and still more presents! And finally, back to GG’s family for dinner. I didn’t really get anything amazing. I have to add, I am not at all into receiving gifts, and I would truly rather receive nothing at all than some random item someone picked just to give me a gift. However, when asked, I had a small list of reasonable things I wanted for Christmas. (Things I will probably buy myself anyway, I just held off because I figured people would want to buy me presents.) I received none of those things. I did get a really nice knife from GG that I’d told him months ago that I liked, so that was a nice surprise and a much appreciated gift. Anyway, I was glad to just get home at the end of the night, and have a bunch of free time ahead of me.

12/26: I did go out shopping to see if I could find some post-Christmas sales. I had some gift cards I’d received, plus a couple others I found hanging around, so I didn’t actually spend any of my own money. Also, rain pretty much melted all the snow from the weekend before, hooray! Now we’ll have somewhere to pile new snow.

12/27: As our Christmas gift to her, my brother and I started repainting our grandmother’s kitchen. She’d been talking about it for a while and had colors picked out, so we just bought the paint and supplies and did it. It took two days. On day one we shopped and moved stuff out of the room, then I washed all the walls with TSP, and taped things off with painter’s tape. Then my brother and I painted primer over everything.

12/28: Day two of painting was more fun because we got to paint actual colors. Below the chair rail and one other wall above the counter were painted a nice sort of Wedgewood blue, and above the chair rail and along the soffit were painted a creamy white. It turned out really nice! I took my camera with me, but of course forgot to actually take pictures.

12/29: I didn’t have much planned for the day and tried to sleep in, but I ended up waking early and not really feeling good all day. I had a board meeting for band that night, and managed to get through it, but I still wasn’t really feeling good. It was kind of a fun but sad meeting, we transitioned from the old board to the new. (Only two of the five of us were replaced, but it’ll still be weird and very different this year, I think.)

12/30: GG had an awesome job interview in the morning – yay! This could be very good. Then we took the train from Norristown into Philadelphia to see the holiday show at the Comcast Center. I was actually pretty disappointed in the show – it was exactly the same as last year’s (except there was a random intro with Shaq looking for donations to some charity). And I thought maybe it would still be more awesome because it’s in 3D this year, but it wasn’t even really 3D, and the glasses just made me feel dizzy. We also had a nice lunch from the DiBruno Brother’s located downstairs – lots of cheese, olives, pasta salad… yum. On the way back across the street to the train station, I slipped on a tiny patch of ice and just went straight down. It was actually pretty hilarious. There was a police cruiser parked right in front of me and they seemed kind of concerned, but I was fine. GG was on the other side of the train entrance, and he couldn’t see me and thought I’d fallen down the staircase or something, haha! I spent the evening watching Jess’ baby while she and Rob went out with some friends. (I offered, and they took me up on it.) He was in bed when I got there, but hadn’t been sleeping well because he has a cold, so he was actually up and out of bed before they even left. I spent the next couple hours rocking and singing to him to keep him from whining. He was so happy to see his parents when they came home, though! My shoulder hurt for the whole next day from holding him. If this is what a kid’s like for just a couple hours, there is no way I would want one permanently!

12/31: GG and I went out to Harrisburg for a New Year’s Eve pajama party at our friends’ house. GG got totally, embarrassingly drunk, but almost everyone else there was pretty drunk too, so it was okay. Even I had a bit of champagne and a few jello shots. There were six of us there, and then four more friends appeared at about 11:45, which was funny. They headed back out after midnight, and the rest of us eventually went off to bed.

1/1: We all woke up, got dressed, and went out for breakfast at Denny’s. Wow, when was the last time I ate at Denny’s?! (Actually, I think it was right before I started college.) Twenty hours after we left, GG and I were back at home – for the first time in 2010! I cleaned the whole house and watched some Mummers on TV – it was actually sort of funny, because many of the tunes they played were things we did recently in band (like in the past couple years).

1/2: Before we’d left Harrisburg, GG suggested that people come out here on Saturday to visit. A few of our friends decided to do so, so three of them came out and spent the day with me. (GG was busy with his mural all day, because he was filling in with his friends’ band in Atlantic City that night.) We all first went to the shop to see GG and his mural. Then we went to the KoP Mall (it was far too cold and windy to spend the day at the outlets). We did the entire Court and Plaza, multiple times. Lina bought a ton of stuff, mostly while Erika and I watched. Steve got a crazy straight-razor shave at The Art of Shaving. We had dinner at Ruby’s Diner. Then everyone came back to my house for a little bit, saw GG as he got ready to go to his show, and then everyone headed out. My legs ached from all that walking!

1/3: I slept in until almost 11 AM – enjoying my last day of vacation. Eventually, I went food shopping (needed stuff to take to work for lunches… wah), and did laundry. Then I pretty much spent the rest of the day here on the sofa, under a blanket, with the laptop. I hope I remember how to get to my office tomorrow. And my computer password!

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  1. Hey speaking of lunches…I decided to start doing Bento again. I’ve been going out for lunch and it is TOO EXPENSIVE! So I’m back on the Bento train. You in?!

  2. I have to say I’ve been really good about bringing my lunches to work for a while now – I almost never buy lunch (unless I know ahead of time that the cafeteria is serving something awesome – so, almost never, haha). But I think doing the bentos was too stressful for me or something, and that’s why I stopped – because I was so worried about making it cute and picking things that “fit.” I feel really bad about it because I do have a large and pretty versatile bento collection. I’m thinking of getting this crazy blender and if that happens I’ll be making more soups and things, which would go well in my Mr. Bento, so we’ll see…

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