Just Say NO to Snow

Even though it looks like it’s going to happen, and it’s going to be bad, I’m still crossing my fingers that we don’t get a snowstorm tomorrow! GG and I were planning on taking the train into the city to see the holiday light show (this year in 3-D). And we were invited to a Christmas party tomorrow night. Holding out hope that it will not snow, I’m stopping on my way home from work today to get something to make for the appetizer we were requested to bring.

Speaking of snow and winter stuff, check out Not Martha’s tiny gingerbread house that perches on the rim of your mug – adorable!

Fun day at work today, because it’s most people’s last day for the year. My desk is full of cookies and chocolate. Cookies were apparently the thing to give this year! Makes me feel bad for not baking my gifts, but everyone always appreciates the truffles I give each year. Groups are having their various holiday lunches – I’m not really in a group, but somehow I got invited to one, which makes me happy :o) Next week will be very quiet – luckily I’m only in the office for two days.

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  1. I’m hoping it doesn’t snow much either! My one friend from the Ren Faire is having a party in Lancaster. Even though it’s not very far, we’re not going if there’s a ton of snow.

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