The long weekend got me all mixed up, I’m not sure what happend on which days… I know I did laundry on Saturday, and Saturday night GG had a show in Arlington, VA. Sunday morning I vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom. Sunday night we went to dinner and saw the X-Men movie with Ed, and then we all went out for ice cream. Yesterday it was so so so hot in our house. I wanted to wait at least until it was June before putting the air conditioners in, but I had GG put the one in our bedroom last night because it was just unbearable upstairs. Also, we went to my uncle’s house for a barbecue, and I made an awesome TBM salad (tomato, basil, mozzarella: this time, I used grape tomatoes and those little mozzarella balls and mixed them in a bowl with basil, olive oil, and salt and pepper, rather than layering big slices of everything). Ivan woke me up by walking all over me around 3 AM this morning, and I was relieved that he’d made his way up to our cool bedroom, but then I was worried that Katrina was too hot somewhere. I found her sleeping under the ironing board, and I carried her upstairs to be with us. And the two of them stayed in there for the rest of the night (which was only like three more hours). I’m almost glad to go back to work today, just so I don’t have to sit in that hot house anymore. I’d really forgotten how horribly hot it gets in there – last summer it was so hot that I actually sweated off a noticable amount of weight!

This week is the first week of summer hours at work – we stay an extra 45 minutes Monday through Thursday, and then leave early Fridays!

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