The rest of my long weekend was very uneventful, and mostly focused on getting over this cold. I slept in until 11:00 on Friday, then moved my center of operations to the sofa where I spent the rest of the day drinking tea and blowing my nose.

On Saturday I did get up at a decent hour, finished my library book (finally!), then returned it and went to the supermarket. I discovered that the Saturday after Thanksgiving is a great time to go food shopping, I guess because everyone is still traveling or living off leftovers. In addition to stuff for my lunches this week, I got my much-needed lotion tissues and honey for my tea.

This was our fifth Thanksgiving since moving into our house, but the first time we were actually home on the Saturday following to see the Festive Lights Ceremony our town puts on every year. All we’d ever seen before is that they barricade our block and set up a stage blaring Christmas music directly at our house. This year I was able to watch all the proceedings from my window, which included Santa parading through town on a fire truck, local school choirs singing, and a giant crowd of people standing in the street to watch fireworks (which were extremely visable from my back window, it was like they were in my back yard!). So, now I never have to be home for that again.

Sunday I stayed in again all day, did some chores and cleaning, bla bla bla. I was actually feeling a lot better, cold-wise, though things started migrating from my nose to my throat so I went from sniffling and sneezing to coughing. I made some kind of crock-pot invention for dinner: cubed beef, red wine, chicken stock, sliced mushrooms, and a packet of onion soup mix on high for about four hours and served over noodles. (The original recipe I based it on called for cream of mushroom soup, but that is disgusting, so I used leftover mushrooms from Thanksgiving.) It smelled delicious, but as usual was kind of disappointing to me when it was time to eat. I brought some to work for my lunch today and I think it’s better the second day.

After being out of the office for an entire week, I was not ready to come back to work today. But I have my lotion tissues with me and I’ve survived so far. It’s a very slow day, I think a lot of people are still out on vacation. I’m just trying not to sniffle too much and not to sound too gross when I blow my nose.

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