Quiet, Errands, Buy My Stuff!

I just realized it is totally silent here in the office. A lot of people took the day off or left early. I think a three-day weekend is enough for me. Plus, I’m off next Monday and Tuesday (June 5 and 6) for getting married and whatnot.

It sucks that it’s raining [Edit – 2:15 PM] It’s sunny out now! [/Edit] because I have a lot of stops to make after work before I go home:

  • Haircut – I only get my haircut once or twice a year, because I’m cheap and lazy, so this is a monumental event
  • Post Office – to mail the baby blanket I made for D (thanks again for asking!)
  • Kathy’s Office (or her house, if she’s gone home by then) – to pick up the reply cards of everyone coming to the band party so I can print the place cards this weekend
  • Staples – The memory book we’re handing out at the band party needs to be printed up, but first I have to find out how they need me to lay it out so the pages will print in the right order. If I have to re-order all my pages before I give it to them I’ll be ticked, but I’d be even more ticked if they said I didn’t have to and then it came out all mixed up. So I’ll re-order if it’ll help.

Go visit my etsy shop, because from now until 12 AM eastern on May 20, I’m offering 20% off any item if you mention “Memorial Day” in the comments when you check out. And free domestic shipping if you order three or more items!

Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy the long weekend..!

[Edit – 11:56 PM] I just wanted to share: my haircut came out awesome! I couldn’t really get a good shot of it, but she took off about 8 inches! There’s a couple photos on my Flickr page.

Also, when I got home, there was a little box sitting on my bedside table. It was a ring I’d bought at a craft fair in college and gave GG to give me as an engagement ring whenever he was ready. So I guess he’s ready. [/Edit]

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  1. Wow–I didn’t know you guys are getting married! I thought I’d really missed a big announcement or something, but then I scrolled down and read your previous post about weddings.

    I’m guessing that the cool date is 06/06/06?


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