(Sorry in advance to friends of mine who are doing the wedding thing right now or have done it recently: MB, Julia, D, Heather, Lina, et al. No offense is intended – you guys are into this, like most people apparently are, and that’s fine. It just doesn’t make sense to me.)

I’ve watched more than my fair share of TV shows like A Wedding Story and Whose Wedding is it Anyway? After all this, and having experienced a little “wedding boom” in my life over the past couple years, I’ve come to notice that, in general, weddings are all the same. They all contain the same expected components: engagement ring, invitation, shower, gifts, ceremony, dress, bridesmaids, groomsmen, first dance, dinner, cake, honeymoon, name change.

When GG and I decided to get married, there was no engagement ring, much to the disappointment of people who excitedly grab my hand to check it out. There wasn’t even an actual “proposal,” I just mentioned the cool anniversary date we could have, and he agreed that would be a fun idea. There’s no ceremony or reception – we’re just walking over to the courthouse across the street to be married by a judge, in front of our families. (And actually, if we could get away with just going by ourselves, I’d be all for that.) We’re not having a reception, we’ll probably just all go out to lunch. We’re not going on a honeymoon. And I’m not changing my name.

Honestly, I’m glad we’re doing it this way. I’m not a fan of rings, and would be just about terrified to have a diamond attached to my finger, so the no engagement ring thing is perfect. I’d always sort of dreaded my eventual wedding day, because I hate being the center of attention, and couldn’t imagine walking down an aisle with a church full of people staring at me, or performing a first dance (I don’t dance), or doing anything else with everyone watching me. GG, on the other hand, loves attention, so I would also worry about his behavior in front of everyone, because you just know he’d try to do something crazy. I would also hate the stress of having to select guests, and especially having to choose my top few friends to be in the wedding party. And let’s not even get into picking a dress!

In other news, I did make it to New Jersey this weekend for MB’s shower. And it was really nice. I’m glad I got the chance to meet all her family and friends. It was a really impressive party, well-organized, decorated beautifully, and awesome, gourmet food – and it was all prepared and organized by family members! It was fun, and yes there were the requisite wife-themed games (in this case, a match-the-recipe game) and two hours of present opening, and that’s awesome, and MB clearly enjoyed herself (at least, I hope she did). But I just have no desire to have that for myself.

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  1. Rock on, I feel the same way about my wedding and I guess I didn’t realize the cool anniversary date you’ll have! On a side note, the whole “not having an engagement ring” thing got old with me. I wore my mom’s engagement ring this weekend to the baby shower and the wedding shower because I am totally annoyed with people grabbing my hand, not seeing a ring and then the BROKEASS FROWN on their faces. Like WTF?!

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