Brows, Trucks, Party

On Friday night GG and I went to the mall for dinner, and also I had my eyebrows threaded again. This was my third time going, I’ve been getting them done every four weeks or so. I like the lady who does it, but this time she was doing her sales pitch for passers-by while doing my brows, which was kind of off-putting. The thing that really got me was that she asked me if this was my first time, and I was like, “No, this is the third time I’ve been here,” not that I expected her to remember me or anything, but still. Then, moments later, she calls out to this lady walking by about how she should get her brows done, and referring to me she’s like, “She comes here all the time!” Um, until a minute ago you thought you’d never met me, lady!

As we neared our house driving home from the mall, we saw a lot of lights and firetrucks and ladders in the street. It looked like they were right in front of our house! I’d seen them setting up some tables or something by the fire station (a block from our house) as we left, so I thought maybe there was some sort of get-together. But GG was like, “No, it’s another 9/11!” Well no, it was a Fireman Convention. We had to go a block out of our way because the street was closed off and it was full of fire trucks from all the stations in the area. We went home and got our cameras and came back out to take some pictures. It was pretty surreal. Also, a lot of fire fighters are also smokers!

I stayed home Saturday and just cleaned and stuff until it was time to leave for MB and Alan’s housewarming party. (They are one of the only reasons I will ever voluntarily go to New Jersey.) Their house is nice, it’s like a house where grown-ups live with their children! And there are tons of closets! Though I supposedly went to college with most of the other guests, I didn’t really know them because they were 2-3 years behind me, and MB knew them from the Catholic organization. It was still cool, though. Of course, GG got drunk right away on Alan’s homemade beers, and spent the rest of the night being alternately funny and annoying. Don’t worry, I drove (yes, in New Jersey – and in the rain).

GG had to work on Sunday, so I went out to Target (disappointing! I can’t wait until they’re done remodeling) and did our food shopping for the week. I have something to cook for dinner every night this week, hooray! It’s going to be a weird schedule for me because of the way the first of the month falls this week, so I don’t get my mid-week break that I’ve become accostumed to. But I do have next Monday off!

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