Heroes S4 E1&2: Orientation and Jump, Push, Fall

Last night’s Heroes premiere was surprisingly not disappointing. I like the direction they’re going with everything… except maybe those stupid carny folk.

So welcome back, returning characters. We’ve got Claire, who has a new hairdo I like, and the most annoying character of the season, her roommate, has already been killed off – sweet. Second most annoying is her new friend Gretchen, who happens to drive a Nissan Cube. Claire’s dad is back, and was almost killed twice last night, so watch out, Noah! And with him was “our Haitian friend,” good to see him again. Oh yeah I guess Tracy Strauss is back too, but now she’s more watery than icy, or something. And Danko is out of the picture finally, thank goodness. Also returning is Matt, who somehow didn’t notice until just now that the water delivery guy has been spending a lot of time at his house (even though I think it was totally innocent, he just seemed like a nice guy, not trying to hide anything). And inside Matt’s brain is Sylar and his eyebrows – and can I just add that he did an awesome job being all sassy and snarky last night?! Mrs. Petrelli has returned and is uneasy about her “son,” Nathan, gosh he just isn’t himself lately… Meanwhile Peter’s actually doing something pretty awesome, trying to right wrongs, etc., but I saw in the preview for next week (so it’s not a spoiler) that people are thinking he’s causing the accidents so he can then go save the victims, so maybe he’d better watch it. And what, is Legal Sea Foods a sponsor of the show now, too?! (They do make a pretty awesome sangria, though – skip the chowder and pick up a jug of that next time, Peter.) Hiro and Ando are back and goofy as usual, though now that Hiro’s changed the past, Ando is more comfortable and confident with his “Kimmy” – which, while I’m happy that he’s happy, is not a minor change to the storyline, so I’m curious to see what other effects this has on the present. And Hiro is once again about to be misled by a blonde guy with an accent. (Also, the nosebleeds – Heroes/Lost crossover?! “Time travel is a b*tch!”)

As for new characters, we have a speedster of some nature (who, according to the graphic novel, is or was maybe romantically involved with Lydia?). Then there’s Lydia, and Samuel, and I don’t really know who’s powers are who’s. He can move dirt, but he can also move tattoo ink? So can Lydia sense things or see the future or something, and then it’s Samuel who moves her tattoo ink to actually display on her back what she’s seeing? What a bunch of whackadoodles, I hate carnys. Their “carnival” started following me on Twitter last night – they had a bunch of tweets from the past week or so all signed “Joseph” (the guy they were burying at the beginning of the show, who apparently doesn’t know that you don’t sign your tweets), and then the last one was from Samuel. I’ll let them follow me, but I’m not following them, because I don’t like when TV interacts with real life.

Are they ever going to tell us how Sylar ended up in the South American jungle that one time?

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