The Nest

From the people who brought you The Knot, your source for generic wedding information, comes The Nest, your source for generic information on married life!

It’s got incredibly useful articles like Merging Spaces, which advises, for example, storing a spouse’s unwanted knick-knacks in “a special spot. A storage cabinet in a guest room or some shelves in an out-of-the-way area in the home office should resolve the problem.”

Ah, true love. I’m sure there’s some useful information on there (this Post-Wedding To-Do List article is kind of interesting), but mostly it just makes me angry.

2 comments on “The Nest

  1. My friend at work has The Nest as her default homepage so I hear tips from her all the time. But the post-wedding to do list is all shit I pretty much have done (except the name thing, that is still up for debate) but, for serious…I mean do you want to get married and THEN find out your spouse is $50,000 in credit card debt? I think waiting on half of those things is a bad idea. DO IT NOW. Especially the moving in part. You can’t buy a car without test driving it!

    OK now I am done rambling.

  2. Yeah, I changed my mind, the only useful thing on that To-Do List is the links to the forms you’ll need to change your name. (Which I won’t be doing anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.) I’ve seen several places on that website where it advises you to discuss money sometime after you’re already married – mistake!

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