I got a piece of spam e-mail today with the subject “ButtJack.” I didn’t open it, because I just don’t open spam, but ButtJack made me giggle.

GG got an e-mail last night that Ed and Linda’s wedding is off..?! He hasn’t been able to get ahold of Ed or anyone who might have more details… This is pretty shocking! I hope everyone’s okay!

Last night we did Margarita Monday with Julie and her boyfriend Brad. This was the first time I met him – he was really nice. We had a good chat, and stayed in the restaurant until they were closing up. (But they close at 8PM, so it wasn’t super-late or anything.) After dinner, GG and I went to Petsmart as usual to look at the kitties. I bought a new scratching post for Ivan and Katrina, and wonder of wonders, at least Katrina seems interested in it!

We’re getting married in exactly three weeks! Actually, three weeks and two hours from now! OMG!

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