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TMBG on Friday night was great! Jess and Rob weren’t able to make it (she wasn’t feeling well), but DT and his friends Tim and Drew, and Julia and Kevin, all met up at my place for pizza. We took two cars, and I ended up driving one, which wouldn’t have been so bad, except GG gave me bad directions! None of us knew how to get there, so I drove with Julia and Kevin, and DT and his friends followed us. GG said there would be an exit for 15th street, but guess what – there is no exit with a “15” on it. There may well have been an exit that took you to 15th street, but it wasn’t labled as such, and none of us knew the alternate names of these streets. So we ended up driving in circles around Philadelphia’s one-way streets for a while, but we finally got there. Actually, we arrived about 5 minutes after the opening act went on, which worked out well, because there was pretty much no line to get in at that point. Opener Michael Leviton I probably would have liked, had I been able to hear him. The Last Car was pretty funny – I was impressed with how everyone played a different instrument on every song! Finally, TMBG came on, and did an amazing show with two encores. I was not at all disappointed! Getting home was much easier, because Jess had given me some different directions :o)

GG and I went on a mission to find me shoes on Saturday. I actually ended up buying two cute pairs at Payless. GG was like, “You’re buying two?!” and I said, “This is Payless, I think I can afford two pairs of shoes.” They actually are both very cute, one is kind of a strappy black sandal with a little bit of a heel, which is exactly what I wanted for these summer weddings, and I also got some flat black sandals, which will be great for my summer concerts and also to wear to work.

Yesterday morning I went to see my mom and grandmother before they went out to brunch together, and gave them their Mother’s Day gifts, which they loved! (Quick Etsy plug: my mom got this and this, and my grandmother got these and the CD from my spring concert.) After I got back home, GG and I decided we wanted to see Art School Confidential, which was really good and so true to life. Especially the critiques, and the different “characters” in the drawing class – so true! We were also excited to see Nick Swardson had a small, but funny, part. We also went to Target and set up a wedding registry..! It’s just stuff that we probably would have ended up getting for ourselves anyway, but just in case someone wanted to buy us a present… there you go. We went to GG’s parents’ house for dinner with his mom, and then I was falling asleep, so we went home to watch our usual Sunday shows, and then I was falling asleep, so we went to bed.

And now it’s supposed to rain all week. Awesome.

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  1. Friday night was lots of fun (except for the wandering around Philly)! Take care! And talk to you soon! Tell Greg I said hi!

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