Our Third Anniversary

Saturday was GG’s and my 3rd wedding anniversary! We had a very nice weekend. On Friday night, we went to the mall for dinner because GG has been looking for the perfect cologne and he had found a few online that he wanted to smell in person. So after dinner we went to Sephora to spray some stuff on him. Then we walked around for a little bit to see how it smelled after it had been on him for a while, and also to get ice cream for dessert. While walking, we passed the L’Occitane store, and he remembered that they had just come out with a new scent, Bergamot Tea. (I should explain here that GG is really really into cologne lately, and he reads all these fragrance web sites and stuff. He knows what’s happening in the world of scent.) We smelled this new one and really liked it, even more than the other things he’d come to try. So I bought him a bottle as an anniversary gift, and he bought me a bottle of White Tea (which was the last bottle in the store and I don’t see it on their web site anymore, so I wonder if it’s discontinued?!). We exchanged presents the next day and it was all very silly.

After lazing around at home all day Saturday, we got dressed up and headed into Philadelphia for dinner at Amada. We’d really been looking forward to this, but still didn’t know what to expect at this tapas restaurant. We knew our reservations were for side-by-side seats at a bar, but it wasn’t actually the bar, it was a bar that faced into the kitchen, which was so cool because we got to watch some of the cooks putting together the dishes. Our waiter said it would be best to order 3-4 (shared) plates per person, so we ended up picking seven between us. GG also had their “seasonal” sangria, which was white wine-based and included watermelon and basil.

What did we eat? Well first they brought out a complementary tuna thing, it was a little bowl of tuna fish with black olive oil and capers, served with these wedge-shaped spiced crackers. I don’t even eat tuna or seafood, but I had a little and it was good. Then they brought the first four of the dishes we’d ordered (they just bring things as they’re ready from the kitchen). We got a plate of artisinal olives, which were really good (especially the little black ones), but they had pits that you had to spit out, so that was kind of awkward – they did provide a small bowl for the pits, though. There was Serrano ham, which was just thinly sliced on a plate with some olive oil, and served with some little slices of bread, mustard, caper berries, and very tiny pickles. Very very good. One of our favorites was the aged Manchego cheese plate, which was served with bread, apple slices, and truffled lavender honey. Delicious combination. (Also, a cheese that GG enjoyed – he loves sharp cheeses.) Finally, they brought us the “patatas bravas,” listed on the menu as “spicy potatoes.” They weren’t really spicy, but they were amazing. It was like a potato cut into little cylinder shapes, seasoned, and roasted, so the outside was slightly crispy but the inside was soft. Then there was a dollop of smoked paprika aioli on each one. I am planning to recreate that sometime.

I guess they held off for a while on bringing us the rest of the food, because we were really out of space! So then round two came along, and I think they saved the best for last. GG had picked a grilled scallop dish with some sort of green, citrusy sauce. Again, I don’t eat seafood, and the texture of scallops is especially gross to me, but I had a small bite and it wasn’t bad. Then they brought one of my picks, “esparragoes con trufas.” It was grilled asparagus with this awesome white sauce – not sure what the sauce was made of, but it included truffle oil and egg, and there was a poached egg floating in there with it which I think you were supposed to break to release the yolk, but I didn’t do that. The asparagus was so good. I’d forgotten about truffle oil – you can add a drop to anything to make it taste awesome. And finally, we got crab-stuffed peppers, which I had been looking forward to trying (yes, despite my aversion to seafood), but I don’t know, they were like, too peppery?

We also ended up ordering three (!) desserts, plus GG got a second glass of sangria (a different type). We had blood orange sorbet, then GG picked “arroz con leche” (saffon rice pudding with a blackberry jelly, lemon jam, and some little cinnamon crackers), and I picked “frambuesas con crema” (mixed berries with something called “cava gelee” – it was like a clear gel with an alcohol flavor? – and creme fraiche ice cream).

Amazingly, we were not stuffed, nor were we still hungry. And when the bill came it was only a little over $100! I was very happy with the meal! We will definitely definitely have to go back – but this time, make reservations more than a week in advance. And meanwhile, I am going to get some truffle oil to add to everything, find some Manchego cheese, and figure out those roasted potatoes (I already found a smoked paprika aioli recipe)!

Anyway, the moral of the story is, we have been married for three years! Which is crazy, because I still feel like I’m just a kid, but I guess I’m a grown-up..!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! I am salivating from all of that food you talked about. YUMMMMMMM. But yes, 3 years sure has flown by. Hard to believe 666 was that long ago!

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