I was all set to wear a really cute outfit this morning, I’d been waiting for weeks for a day that was both warm enough and convenient for me to wear a skirt, and today was it. I was all dressed and about to leave, just had to take one last look in the miror, and… the skirt was way too short (in my opinion) for work. It was not a short skirt and actually I probably could have gotten away with it, but it was above my knees while standing, and while sitting was even shorter, and I just wouldn’t have felt comfortable in that at work. Wow, are all those modest clothing web sites finally rubbing off on me? (Or am I just embarrassed of my bony knees and blindingly pale legs?)

Maybe I will save the cute skirt outfit because GG and I have finally decided where we’re going to go for our anniversary! It’s actually somewhere I’ve wanted to go for a while but I forgot about it. So that’s dinner taken care of, at least, even if we can’t find anything else to go out and do before or after.

This week is the beginning of my busy band season. For the whole month of June, we have two concerts each week. Actually, if tomorrow’s is rained out, we’ll have practice this week and three concerts next week. July is a little less jam packed, but will still be very busy. We lost several of our regular venues (due to budget cuts and changes in scheduling, etc.), but we picked up a couple new ones this year, so it should be a good season.

Other news of today: I heard a familiar “drip, drip, drip” sound coming from under the kitchen sink this morning. Luckily it’s not dripping around the faucet, or from the new joints my uncle had to solder. Instead it’s the same joint of the drain pipe that was leaking before. So hopefully my uncle can come over this weekend and add a pipe extension of some sort that will fix the problem. (We are so lucky to have him!)

And finally: I love Tally Hall! And if they ever come to town again I’m going to do my best to meet them, because they seem totally cool when it comes to hanging out with fans (plus I have a connection now, right?).

I hate coming up with subject lines. This one stands for “Short Skirt, Anniversary, Busy Band, Drip Drip Drip, Tally Hall.”

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