Buca, Horse Show, Yay Facebook

For some reason GG was all gung-ho about going out to dinner on Friday night. We ended up using a coupon I had and eating at Buca di Beppo. We’d only ever been to one once, and it was for my band Christmas party so we were just in a big room with like a buffet set up, so we didn’t really know what the “dinner” experience was like. To start with, they lead you through the kitchen on your way to your table! (They do that to show you how clean their kitchen is, but how clean is it really with everyone tromping through there?) There is one dining table in the kitchen, and GG was all excited because the waitress said they regularly seat people there, you don’t have to request it, but I think it would be a hot, noisy, annoying place to sit (with everyone parading past your table on their way to their seat).

Anyway, we were seated in a room that was mostly empty, but they put us next to the one table that was occupied. By two adults and a bunch of screaming, squirming children. Climbing around, thunking their heads on stuff, crying, shrieking, begging for ice cream, being escorted to the bathroom… Ugh. Also, I was pressured to make a quick decision on my order and got stuffed shells that were okay, but I wouldn’t get them again. (I didn’t realize that they were spicy, or stuffed with sausage, which I don’t really eat.) I have a hard time with Italian restaurants because I just want some basic pasta/sauce/cheese dish, but then I’m like, “I could make this meal at home for about $2.” Unless it’s somewhere with good homemade pasta or something.

After dinner, we took a little drive from East Norriton to… West Norriton? Where we got ice cream. And then we came home and GG worked on one of his projects while I watched TV and stuff.

On Saturday I ended up sleeping way in, which I don’t like doing, and eventually got up and went food shopping. I have several good meals planned for us this week (steak with mushroom sauce, inside-out cheeseburgers, quinoa salad, and some kind of regular lettuce salad). And I cleaned the bathroom, which I’d been putting off. I was planning to do laundry, too, but then GG’s friend Ed called to say he was in the area (he and Kate moved to Virgina last year) and were going to the Devon Horse Show and wanted to see if we wanted to go with them. Kate ended up knowing a good place to park and get in, so we got some dinner (“Devon Fries,” and burgers for the guys) and walked around a bit. At one point GG kicked my little toe (I was wearing sandals) and it hurt so bad and was bleeding! Kate gave me a band-aid. This morning I took off my toenail polish and it looks like the nail is bruised, but not broken or anything. It still hurts a bunch :o( For the rest of the night, I kept GG at a bit of a distance. He didn’t mean to do it, but he is a little clumsy and needs to keep better track of where his limbs are. We then got some dessert, and Kate talked to some of the bleacher security people and they let us sit there to watch the last event of the night! I didn’t realize how long we were going to be there, and it was getting very late and chilly (I didn’t bring a sweater – I know!), so we left before the “jump off” tie breaker event. Going there reminded me of everything I hate about the Main Line. The Horse Show is like all that stuff, concentrated into a relatively small space. And everyone gets so dressed up in their pastel pinks and greens (yes, even the men)! It’s great for people-watching, though. We decided that some people probably didn’t dress based on what looked good, but the total dollar amount of their outfit. “If it’s over $1000, I know I look good enough to go out!”

Today I cleaned the kitchen, did laundry, dropped something off at my grandmother’s house, and went to Trader Joe’s. I ran into my friend’s mom there! I haven’t seen her for a long time (probably not since I worked at the supermarket). We chatted for a little bit, and then she ended up getting in line behind me to check out so we talked some more. I’ve actually probably only seen her daughter (my friend) once since we graduated from college, but I know what’s going on with her thanks to the magic of Facebook, so her mom was like, “Oh she got a dog,” and I was like, “Yeah I know, I saw pictures.” Facebook is great.

Outlook for this week: busy!

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