Windows, CD, Anniversary Suggestions?

Um, nothing’s happened, that’s why I haven’t written. On Tuesday I went to work. Wednesday I worked from home and went to my last band practice – it’s all concerts from here out. Thursday was a horrible, busy day at work that ended with a bad headache by the time I got home. GG wanted to order Chinese food for dinner and I was too tired to say no, even though we eat Chinese way too often anymore.

Today I worked from home again because there was a guy coming to fix a couple of our windows. As horrible as our experience with Castle Windows was 4 years ago, at least there’s a lifetime warranty, and there were pretty much no questions asked. The guy who fixed them came right in the middle of his 9am-1pm timeframe, was very friendly and polite, gave me a lot of handy window maintenance tips, and was done in about 20 minutes. He was great! But then, he said he hadn’t been working for Castle for very long, heh. (Handy window tip: they say to spray the tracks a couple times a year with a silicone spray so the windows open and close smoothly, but he recommends using Pledge or another furniture duster, which has the same effect and repells dust.)

The mail came this morning while I was sitting here working, and my Tally Hall CD arrived! That’s awesome, I just ordered it from Amazon a couple days ago! So I’m going to go pull the MP3s for my MP3 player, and then the CD will be living in my car for probably a couple months, at least until I’ve memorized the lyrics :o) (And if I worry I won’t be able to learn the “flibbity jibbity jibber jabber” verse of “Ruler of Everything,” I just have to remember that I mastered TMBG’s “Bee Of The Bird Of The Moth,” didn’t I?)

Any suggestions for where GG and I should go for our anniversary? It’s coming up next weekend, and we have no plans! It’s on Saturday, we’re thinking dinner and… something?

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