Finished Painting!

GG finished his painting on Monday night, and after work on Tuesday we went up to New Hope to deliver it. It looks so good. The clients were so excited about it, they’re already planning to use it for their business cards, making bumper stickers out of it, etc. They know a carpenter who’s going to specially mount it outside the shop, so hopefully it’ll be up for this weekend!

Putting on some finishing touches on Monday night

The border is the same design that the shop has on their sign, business cards, and other stuff

The artist with his finished piece! (This is inside the store, but it will be hanging outside above the door)

I made a Flickr set for GG’s artwork – hopefully he gets more work and I can add more pictures, because right now it’s just this painting and some other little drawings that he’s done.

Other than that, it’s been pretty uneventful. On Wednesday I had my second-to-last band practice before our busy summer season. And I have no plans for Memorial Day weekend except for my uncle hopefully coming over tomorrow to install the new sink and faucet we got.

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