Another Nice Weekend

GG’s been working really hard on his painting, so I hardly left the house all week (except for work), since I didn’t have anywhere to go just by myself. On Friday I finally convinced him to come out with me after work to get stuff at Home Depot. Our kitchen faucet has always leaked, but now it’s really bad and I realized it’s dripping under the sink, so my uncle said if we got a new faucet he’d help install it. Better yet, he can put in a whole new sink for us! Of course, nothing in our house is ever a standard size, so although I picked up a beautiful new stainless steel sink at Home Depot, it might not fit in our cabinet. We’ll see. If it doesn’t fit, we at least have a nice new faucet that’s made out of metal, not plastic that will crack. After Home Depot we went to Petco so I could use a coupon that was about to expire, and bought some cat litter. They usually have a couple of cats for adoption there. This time it was just one gray girl cat named Tikki. She was so friendly, she meowed at us and let us pet her through the cage. I told her (as I always tell the kitties there), that she was a beautiful and friendly cat and I was sure she’d have a new home soon. Then when we got home I cooked another batch of my own version of that ravioli with asparagus broth. I’m still working on perfecting my recipe, and I think I might have it soon.

Late Friday night I just posted a message on Facebook asking if anyone local (because I didn’t want to drive out to Lancaster or anything) wanted to hang out on Saturday. Didn’t expect any response, of course. I got up early on Saturday and went out to Target and Ross. (I love Ross, it’s like a treasure hunt! I did get a couple new tops for work, though.) When I got home, I was sitting with GG while he painted, trying to take care of this mix-up with our Comcast bill, when MB called me! She was free, and said she’d drive out and come spend the day with me! So she got here around 1 PM, and we went to the mall (because we thought it was going to rain? but it didn’t end up raining until late that night). We walked the entire King of Prussia Mall. The Court and the Plaza. Both levels. We also got lunch and smoothies, and each of us only bought one item! We came back to my house and sat in the living room for a while with GG, talking and watching funny stuff on TV. Finally it was time for MB to head home, and I just hung out for the rest of the night while GG kept painting. I tried to stay awake for the finale of SNL, but that just did not happen.

On Sunday I cleaned a little and did laundry, went food shopping, and finally caught up with the rest of the world by watching the finale of Lost! So good! I can’t believe we have to wait until January to find out what happens! We ordered Chinese food for dinner, and I mostly hibernated in my little room with my computer all day. I went to bed around 11 PM and thought GG would finish up painting for the night and come to bed soon. A little before 3 AM a noise woke me up and I thought it was a cat doing something bad, so I sat up and kind of patted GG’s side of the bed and he wasn’t there, and that’s when I realized he was still up! I thought the noise was him getting ready to come to bed, but by 3:00 when he still hadn’t come into the room, I stumbled over to his studio to see what was up. He’d finished the painting but he still had to paint the tie-dye border, and he thought he’d just stay up since he was on a roll. So I think he did go to bed shortly after I went in there, but I don’t know exactly when. He’ll probably have the painting finished tonight, and then we can go deliver it tomorrow after work. I’ll be so glad when this project is over!

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  1. I’d just like to say, i always like the way you illustrate your blog with photographs. I’ve enjoyed watching it develop on Flickr, and it’s nice to read a bit more about it. Is it a commission?

    You’re very lucky that GG doesn’t mind the unfinished work being published – most artists wouldn’t like that!

  2. Thanks Aimee! Yes, it is an actual, paying job for GG! It’s being done for a tie dye t-shirt shop near the area where Washington crossed the Delaware River, so this is what they requested. I just mentioned your comment to him, and he said he loves sharing in-progress photos (he’s been putting them up on his Facebook to show all his friends, too). He said it’s like performance art.

  3. D – he finished last night and I’m going with him to deliver it today after work! Lots more photos on the way!

    Aimee – the original painting is Washington Crossing the Delaware. Pretty well-known in the US, but maybe not so much in the UK, considering the picture represents the Americans on their way across the river to beat the British ;o)

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