Wedding, Kitties, Sleepy!, Glasses

Maybe we’re not actually going to be married next door to the Wawa. The judge had told GG that he was free the morning of June 6th, and would call him back to confirm, but it’s been a couple of days now and GG hasn’t heard anything – and he’s tried calling the judge himself a couple times. So he tried calling the next judge on our list, and was again promised a call back. Ugh.

We both have our rings now – his arrived yesterday.

Also, I think the kitties are getting to be friends again. While I was taking my usual nap before band yesterday, they both curled up with me on the sofa. As usual, Katrina snuggled up near my head, and Ivan was by my legs. What cuties! Also, there’s one chair in our dining room that Katrina always sleeps on, and when I came home yesterday, Ivan was on it! They’re sharing!

Soooo sleepy… I haven’t gotten enough sleep lately. Tuesday night I was up crafting, and last night was band. Hopefully tonight I can get some more sleep, or at least longer pre-bedtime naps!

One last thing: I wore my new glasses to a meeting yesterday, where I sat towards the back of the room and had to read stuff projected on the screen at the front. Usually I can’t read a word in these situations. With the glasses, I saw everything perfectly! It was amazing! Not only that, but I didn’t have any bit of a headache when I got home. In fact, my head actually felt good. Hooray for glasses!

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