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We had a nice weekend. On Friday I went to see my grandmother for a little bit after work. She still has some stray cats in her yard that she feeds, and when I go over she usually asks me to do it so she doesn’t have to mess with the heavy bag of food, kicking them away from the door so they don’t get into the house, crouching down to fill their bowl, etc. When I went out, there was the usual mother/child pair of black cats that’s always there (actually they are very dark brown with subtle tiger stripes, really beautiful!), and also the weirdest looking cat I’ve ever seen, and my grandmother said she’d never seen him either. The best way to describe him is that he looked like an actor from the musical “Cats.” He was black and white, and had a big fluffy chest, and a little stub tail (not sure if he was born that way or something happened to him). He ran away as soon as he saw me in the window, but he was so strange!

I got up early on Saturday and got the house cleaned up because we were having people over Saturday night. Somehow my usual house cleaning ended up taking five hours. Yes, I was a little more thorough than usual, but that was crazy. Good thing I cleaned so hard, though, because one of our guests was allergic to cats (I think I knew this about Brandon..?). Our little get-together was fun, Julia and Kevin came out, and Brandon, and DT. We watched the “Horse Apples” episode of Wonder Showzen, then GG’s stand-up comedy debut from four years ago (which I still think was his best performance ever), Trapped in the Closet, then The Onion Movie, and finally The Wizard of Gore (which was not what I was expecting, but was so, so good to make fun of!). We got pizzas and I made a salad and we had some little pasteries from Trader Joe’s. It was a fun night, but a long day!

Sunday I relaxed and didn’t even leave the house. The main thing I did was laundry, other than that I just goofed off. GG worked on his painting, but didn’t finish as much as he (or I) wanted by the end of the night because he went to visit his mom and they were watching the Twilight movie and instead of leaving like I thought he would if someone put the Twilight movie on, he stayed and watched it. And ate steaks or something for dinner with them even though he’d told me he wasn’t hungry so I hadn’t made him dinner.

After such a beautiful weekend I wasn’t really ready to come back to work today, plus it’s supposed to start raining again?! Heather and I are having lunch with Julie and then we’ll probably go for a walk this afternoon, so at least I’ll be able to enjoy the sun for a little bit…

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