“Honey, that marching band is on our porch again, should we feed it?”

Wednesday morning I was working from home, as I do most Wednesdays now, with my laptop set up in the living room. It was about 8:30 and I was still in my pajamas when I saw a school bus pull up outside. I thought, “That’s weird, it’s a little late for the bus.” Also, the bus usually stops at the corner, not directly in front of my house. Then I heard people right outside. Then I started seeing marching band plumes walking by the window (since the windows are up high, we can’t really see people and they can’t really look in). So I stood up and looked out the window… and there was a high school marching band standing on my sidewalk, unloading equipment from their truck into my driveway!

Apparently, it was the day for my town’s annual police memorial ceremony and parade, which happens on a weekday morning, so obviously I’ve never been home for it before and didn’t realize my house was the center of operations. (Makes me wish we’d cut the grass, the place looked like a mess! But, we have an excuse, it had been raining all week.)

I was able to stand in my front door (after I ran upstairs and got dressed!) and watch the band warm up and perform. Then there were some boring speeches by the police and some other people, so I sat down for a while and did some work. Then the parade got underway and everyone marched off. They were gone for a long time and I had no idea where they went, because the town is just not that big.

About an hour later, I heard some bagpipes and more commotion outside, and there was the parade back again. All the police and everyone branched off from the parade and went into the building where I guess their actual ceremony (or maybe lunch or something?) was being held. There were still two color guard groups who needed to finish their formations in the street, so they were pretty much performing for nobody. But the funny thing was that as soon as they were done, they broke ranks and started high-fiving and shaking hands (I guess the two groups hadn’t met before?), before heading into the building themselves.

So… That was sort of a surreal start to my day. (There are more pictures, and a few videos, on flickr.)

One more picture from Wednesday, here’s GG working on his current project, which I know is going to turn out awesome.

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