Dress Rehearsal, Cheese, Derby and Baby, Go West!

I had a pretty busy weekend… glad it’s over!

Friday night was my dress rehearsal for band. During my break, I saw that Jess had called me, so I called her back. She and Rob wanted to invite me and GG over to watch the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. Sure! I said we’d bring some pizza and stuff, too. Anyway, the dress rehearsal went really well, and we even finished up a little bit early.

Saturday morning, as part of our plan to go out and do more things together, GG and I went to Pearl on South Street to get GG some paint brushes. He was going on and on about these certain Windsor Newton brushes he’s had since college but it’s finally time to replace them, but he’s had them for 13 years, that’s how good they are. So we got there and went through the aisles of paint brushes and they were nowhere to be found. Turns out they’re so amazing (and expensive!) that they keep them behind a counter, and after you’ve picked the ones you want, an employee has to carry them up to the cashier for you. After that little trip, we went to the Italian Market to go to a real DiBruno Brothers shop (you might remember we went to their Comcast Center location in December, but that turned out to be more like a sandwich shop than a deli). The Italian Market area itself was very overwhelming to me, I hate crowds, and even though it was about 11 AM on a rainy Saturday morning, there were still quite a lot of people.

DiBruno Brothers turned out to be very small, and also it doesn’t actually have 1000 cheeses at any one time. Once again, it was busy and crowded and I just felt overwhelmed and in the way. Meanwhile, GG wanted to talk to the employees and take pictures and sample everything. He ended up getting a couple types of Gouda, and he got a 1/4 lb. of Humboldt Fog. I didn’t even try it, but I’d actually read about it in United States of Arugula. When I picked it out, GG was like, “Is it even good?” and this random guy standing there looked up at him and was like, “Oh it’s good. I’ve had it.” We also got a wedge of brie to take to Jess and Rob’s. Then we headed home, and were only delayed a little bit due to rain/traffic/getting lost. As soon as we got home, I had to try my cheese – before I even sat down my purse. It was delicious! I actually just finished it tonight and I’m so disappointed. Humboldt Fog is crumbly goat cheese in the middle, but the edges are mild and goopy. The rind has a layer of edible vegetable ash – I don’t usually like or even eat the rind of cheeses, but this was very good.

I decided I should take a nap before going to Jess and Rob’s, because it would look really bad if I were struggling to stay awake, while the woman with the newborn was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. After I got up and got ready, we ordered a pizza, salad, and some pepperoni bites to pick up on our way. We got to Jess and Rob’s house and… there were a bunch of cars there! A man, woman, and child got out of the car next to us and headed up to the house! GG and I were very confused and I was actually just about ready to take my little pizza and head home, because we really only brought enough food for the four of us. But everything turned out fine – some people were just stopping by to see them on their way to somewhere else, and Jess’ parents were there but they were also heading out. So it did end up just being the four of us (plus the baby, but he doesn’t like pizza I guess). We watched the Derby which of course was about a minute long, and then we watched Pineapple Express on DVD (funny, but much more violent than I was expecting!). The baby slept pretty much the whole time, but about halfway through the movie they had to wake him up to eat. Then he spit up. Then he needed his diaper changed. Then he was crying and Rob couldn’t get him to stop, so Jess fed him some more. Then they tried putting him back to sleep. Jess took me upstairs to see his adorable nursery, which I hadn’t seen yet. She has the most amazing Noah’s ark rug – her mother actually bought it years ago in anticipation of a grandchild. Then the baby was crying again and he wanted to eat some more. So at that point GG and I said our goodbyes so Jess could nurse in peace and they could go to bed. It was really good seeing them (I don’t think I’d seen Rob since Christmas!). She’s got a lot of visitors now, but Jess is very social and I think she’ll be going stir-crazy in a couple weeks, so I’m going to try to stop by when I can.

Sunday was our western-themed concert, yee-haw! I think we went a little overboard on the theme (the band wore bandanas and stuff, our conductor was all Cowboy-ed up, the stage was decorated, everything was very hokey…), but everyone said the music was great! I think I personally played better at the dress rehearsal, but… oh well. Can’t wait to hear the recording. After the concert, the real work began (for me), because we had to go back and add up money, ticket stubs, coupons, etc. Then we went out for dinner. GG and I were out for the equivalent of an eight-hour workday. It was a long day.

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  1. The decorations were totally “over the top”, but it did kind of work, especially because of David’s tongue in cheek reading of the program notes in a western style.

    I think it might have been kind of boring without the “corny” set up, but the overall theme based decorations and narrations tied it all together and put people in the mood…and it was well played, which is the biggest part.

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