Goin’ to the Wawa and we’re gonna get married…

I left GG some judges’ phone numbers today so he could call around to find someone available on June 6. The District Justice for our town is apparently free that morning, so it looks like he’ll be marrying us. Here’s the best part – the district court is practically across the street from our house. It’s in a little shopping center, next to a Wawa. All we’ve got to do is walk over there! Awesome!

(Supposedly he is calling GG back to confirm, so it’s not official yet, but I hope this works out. If not, we’ll have to move on to neighboring towns/districts.)

[Edit – 8:37 PM] My ring came today by FedEx. Hopefully GG’s is on its way, too! [/Edit]

One comment on “Goin’ to the Wawa and we’re gonna get married…

  1. So does that mean the reception is at Wawa or what?!?!?

    I can’t believe in less than a month you will be married! How cool! Congrats!

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