I [Heart] Target

I think I have a problem. I am a full-fledged Target addict. I am compelled to go there at least once a week, sometimes more. Today on my way home from work I will be making my third trip to Target in four days! Part of my need to make so many trips there is due to my own weirdness when it comes to crowds. I just can’t think in a crowded store, so whether I have a list or not, I just hurry through, forget things, and get out of there as quickly as possible. That’s why my favorite time to go is first thing in the morning (during the week or on a weekend, it doesn’t matter). As long as I’m there before 10 AM, it’s quiet enough that I can concentrate, search, browse, etc. So much of their stuff is just my style – housewares, clothes, accessories, etc. And then of course there’s the fact that I can pick up a mop, cat litter, and laundry detergent while I’m there.

Another problem, which isn’t specific to Target, is that often I’ll see something in a store and not buy it, then think about it for several days, and finally return to get it. That’s sort of what happened with me and the Merona 3/4 sleeve cardigan. I saw it mentioned somewhere where they wrote about how nice it was, so I picked up a black one on my next trip to the store. (I’m always searching for black cardigans.) It really was nice! I checked online and they had a million more colors, so a couple days later I went back and picked up a few more. I am wearing a purple one at the moment!

While I need more purses like I need a hole in the head, I’ve been obsessed with this Merona 4 Poster ever since I laid eyes on it. I’ve restrained myself so far. I’ve also been enamored with its cousin, this Merona Tote. I usually stick to black or brown for my purses, but I could branch out for one of these bags. Might wait until they turn up on the clearance rack, though.

I’m always getting compliments on my Target items, and I don’t think people are just being nice, so I will continue indulging in my addiction… And of course, besides clothes, there’s other items to love! I’m sure you all remember when I hunted down all those Whim dishes and serving pieces last summer?

I love reading about Target, too. Three of my favorite blogs for Target news and addiction are Slave to Target, The Recessionista, and most of all, Target Addict. Do you have any Target blog recommendations, or any favorite items?

4 comments on “I [Heart] Target

  1. I love the 4-poster you should totally get it. That color is HOT and fun…purses should be either Fun or Functional and if they are both, you’ve hit a goldmine!

    I try to stay away from Target because no matter what, I always end up spending 50% more than I intended on spending.

  2. Ahh.. would you believe I already ordered it online and it’ll probably be here today or Monday? I know what you mean about spending more than you planned. I have to go in there with a list, or I end up spending $100 and I don’t even know what I got!

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